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Sorry, I’m super slow. Here’s what happened yesterday.
  • I was due in the production office at 9. Because of a ginormously long line to have your bags checked for contraband and booth babes, I didn’t roll in until 9:30. Much mocking of TriXie ensued.
  • Major Nelson made so many videos he lost his voice.
  • I chilled on the blogger bus most of the day. Bloggers fetched me drinks and red vines. Check the story here
  • I interviewed Athena Twin and she totally tried to make out with me. Check the video here.
  • I love this video about gamertags. Our video guys Reeve, Timmy and Craig RULE. I worship them.
  • The C3@E3 party was the MOST FUN EVER. Check the story, vid and photo gallery here.
  • Apres party I headed to Hollywood with Adam Evil and Hebro from our art team. Their hotel has a freaking sweet pool that is great for hanging out talking games and drinking some beers.
  • Since the only thing I’d eaten all day was half a baby bag of Lays and 2 red vines on the blogger bus, two beers made me slip into a coma. I had to take a nap. Ergo, I rolled home about 4:30am.
  • We’ve got more awesome videos on the way, so keep your little browsers pointed RIGHT HERE.


6 thoughts on “E3 – Day 3

  1. Mike says:

    All good stuff.  The Major video with the SpeedTree guy is the best.  I can testify that the Speedtree guys are cool as hell.  Last year I took a smoke break with one of them.  I never met someone so passionate about trees.
    The "Got Wood" shot is priceless.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Sounds and looks like you’re having a great time.  Now look into my my eyes, you are getting sleepy, very very sleepy, Feelz Good will be at next year’s E3, HAHA. 

  3. Debbie says:

    I am going nuts about all these videos!I need them all, but my provider will probably charge me a little fortune for it.I don’t think I will survive the temptation for too long. LOLYou party girl have to eat too.Aunt Love Angel has to be there next year to keep an eye on you. :-Pj/k*much ❤ and have a lot of fun*

  4. Joe says:

    Great to see two hotties like you an athenatwin together on the video interview. Awesome stuff!

  5. Christa says:

    aw, thanks JoPa. I’d send you the outtake, but it’s too scandalous…and Athena would KILL ME. 😉

  6. Leave me says:

    Looks like everyone had a blast…..I was supposed to go to E3.. my real job torpedoed that.. :(Next year TriXie, next year!

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