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Okay, after getting back to Redmond and sleeping for about 17 hours I am finally prepared to make the call on E3 2006. Obviously this is subective to my E3 experience. But you all know I’m completely biased anyway 😉
The Best
  • Community party. For me, meeting the community members is the NUMBER ONE highlight of my year. Seriously, it’s like prom night for me. Now who’s gonna bring me a corsage next year?
  • Bill Gates plays Zuma! And he’s only on Level 9! Okay, he’s smarter, richer, and is curing diseases in India. But I’m on Level 12 Billy! Suck on that!
  • Vlad Cole from Joystiq reads my blog! For me that’s like Stephen King blurbing my horror novel.
  • The Behind the Scenes video. Yes, I was sitting in a cabinet. I was okay with it until Major Nelson told me to put the lotion in the basket.
  • Xbox Live Gold Experience party! Ami and Trench threw a kickass party in a sweet ass club. DJ Z-Trip was awesome, and I even got to meet him. Adam Evil, Hebr0 and I actually discussed whether that party may have been better than our Xbox 360 launch party. And THAT was the best ever.
  • The Blogger Bus. John, Tony and Cesar had a simple but freaking brilliant idea, and pulled it off beautifully.

The Worst

  • Sharing a King-sized bed. No offence to roomie Elle who comported herself like a perfect gentleman.
  • Getting busted at a secret afterhours party on the top floor of our hotel. You had to take the service stairs and go through some freaky hallway/tunnel to get there, and then security came up and threw us out.
  • I didn’t play any demos or see any booths other than ours.
  • Wasn’t able to infiltrate the "other" parties. Perhaps my espionage has become common knowledge and I am persona non grata.

It was a great show, and I’m really proud of everything we announced and showed and did. I’m looking forward to next year, but I will need eleven months or so to recover.




14 thoughts on “E3 2006 Highlights

  1. Nicholas says:

    Trixie, you’re kind of a gaming community celeb at this point, just accept it.

  2. Allyn says:

    The online coverage was great.  Did this site reach the half – million hits you were after?

  3. James says:

    I’ll bring the corsage, because I’m definetly going to be there with Col Blair next year, TriXie!

  4. Christa says:

    Aw thanks Feelz!
    Malty: didn’t even come close. I think I would have if I’d posted the photo Rhyze took of me and Twin, but she threatened me with death.
    Gronar: You’re on! 🙂

  5. Allyn says:

    You have my email addy.

  6. MthdDirector says:

    And who held your beer at C3?

  7. PMS Fedaykin says:

    Trixie > Bill Gates

  8. Kusinagi says:

    Trixie: I’ll bring multiple corsages for you to pick from and even after "prom" you can have all the drinks you want! (With me being a gentlemen the whole time)It really was great meeting you! Thank you for the opportunity you gave me and I look forward to doing it again next year!

  9. Mike says:

    Welcome Back!  Hopefully next year, I’ll be along for the ride or will be able to "weasel my way in" again.  So, did you sneak a trip out to Westwood?

  10. Mark says:

    Hey Trixie, the party was the highlight for me too. Sorry Luckee and I didn’t make it to the blogger bus the next day.. we got stuck waiting in a 4 hour line to see the wii, very bad story. I’ll have to make up for that with a corsage next year but does that also mean you’ll be wearing a formal dress to the event. 🙂 Should I bring one for the princess too? 😉

  11. Debbie says:

    Poor Trixie. Not much spying this time…Anyway, why wasting your time with "the others" when you had so many friends around? ;-)*thanks for the awesome work before and during the E3*

  12. Ace says:

    The Live Experience Party was everything I’d hoped it would be…the velvet ropes was a nice touch too!

  13. Nicholas says:

    np, I just thought someone needed to make you aware of that.  An
    EB employee nearly caught a beatdown when I mentioned something you
    posted on and he asked who Trixie was.

  14. G Shocker says:

    It was great meeting you at the community party. I had fun and have finally gotten enough sleep.. Keep up the great with with the community.

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