E3 2006 Highlights

Okay, after getting back to Redmond and sleeping for about 17 hours I am finally prepared to make the call on E3 2006. Obviously this is subective to my E3 experience. But you all know I’m completely biased anyway 😉
The Best
  • Community party. For me, meeting the community members is the NUMBER ONE highlight of my year. Seriously, it’s like prom night for me. Now who’s gonna bring me a corsage next year?
  • Bill Gates plays Zuma! And he’s only on Level 9! Okay, he’s smarter, richer, and is curing diseases in India. But I’m on Level 12 Billy! Suck on that!
  • Vlad Cole from Joystiq reads my blog! For me that’s like Stephen King blurbing my horror novel.
  • The Xbox.com Behind the Scenes video. Yes, I was sitting in a cabinet. I was okay with it until Major Nelson told me to put the lotion in the basket.
  • Xbox Live Gold Experience party! Ami and Trench threw a kickass party in a sweet ass club. DJ Z-Trip was awesome, and I even got to meet him. Adam Evil, Hebr0 and I actually discussed whether that party may have been better than our Xbox 360 launch party. And THAT was the best ever.
  • The Blogger Bus. John, Tony and Cesar had a simple but freaking brilliant idea, and pulled it off beautifully.

The Worst

  • Sharing a King-sized bed. No offence to roomie Elle who comported herself like a perfect gentleman.
  • Getting busted at a secret afterhours party on the top floor of our hotel. You had to take the service stairs and go through some freaky hallway/tunnel to get there, and then security came up and threw us out.
  • I didn’t play any demos or see any booths other than ours.
  • Wasn’t able to infiltrate the "other" parties. Perhaps my espionage has become common knowledge and I am persona non grata.

It was a great show, and I’m really proud of everything we announced and showed and did. I’m looking forward to next year, but I will need eleven months or so to recover.





  1. The online coverage was great.  Did this site reach the half – million hits you were after?

  2. I’ll bring the corsage, because I’m definetly going to be there with Col Blair next year, TriXie!

  3. Aw thanks Feelz!
    Malty: didn’t even come close. I think I would have if I’d posted the photo Rhyze took of me and Twin, but she threatened me with death.
    Gronar: You’re on! 🙂

  4. Trixie: I’ll bring multiple corsages for you to pick from and even after "prom" you can have all the drinks you want! (With me being a gentlemen the whole time)It really was great meeting you! Thank you for the opportunity you gave me and I look forward to doing it again next year!

  5. Welcome Back!  Hopefully next year, I’ll be along for the ride or will be able to "weasel my way in" again.  So, did you sneak a trip out to Westwood?

  6. Hey Trixie, the party was the highlight for me too. Sorry Luckee and I didn’t make it to the blogger bus the next day.. we got stuck waiting in a 4 hour line to see the wii, very bad story. I’ll have to make up for that with a corsage next year but does that also mean you’ll be wearing a formal dress to the event. 🙂 Should I bring one for the princess too? 😉

  7. Poor Trixie. Not much spying this time…Anyway, why wasting your time with "the others" when you had so many friends around? ;-)*thanks for the awesome work before and during the E3*

  8. The Live Experience Party was everything I’d hoped it would be…the velvet ropes was a nice touch too!

  9. np, I just thought someone needed to make you aware of that.  An
    EB employee nearly caught a beatdown when I mentioned something you
    posted on xbox.com and he asked who Trixie was.

  10. It was great meeting you at the community party. I had fun and have finally gotten enough sleep.. Keep up the great with with the community.

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