words about words

When the PMS girls were in Seattle last month, Tart and C3lla and some co-conspirators abused Twin when she passed out.
She decided to help MJ and C3lla pay back Tart with the same kind of crackwhore makeover.
But then she made the mistake of falling asleep. Way, way asleep.
As I told C3lla, This is why I don’t offer to let these girl shack up with me. I felt kinda bad at GDC lounging in my King Size all alone with my drunk text messages while they were 5 and 6 to a room. But now I feel vindicated.

6 thoughts on “The Crackwhore’s Revenge

  1. Mike says:

    The WORST part is the Bud Light.  Worst.  Beer.  Ever.  *shudder*

  2. Kusinagi says:

    WAIT! You got her again??? Didn’t Peter allready make fun of her for that the first time??? I can imagine the next conversation… "Crack whore strikes again huh?"

  3. Nicholas says:

    I’ll agree bud lite is not a drink I like, but after my 8th drink I never care.

  4. James says:

    One word:  pwn3d.

  5. Agustin Cervantes says:

    Wow, that’s why you never ever would fall sleep with friends after a party.

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