Who Blogged Better?

Now that E3 is over, it’s time to check up on our official Xbox.com E3 Bloggers. Who supplied great content? Who updated frequently? Who just slacked off on the Blogger Bus?
Take a look at all twelve MSN Spaces sites and let us know who gets your vote for best E3 blogger. No, they won’t win anything…but YOU might.*
One random respondent will win 1600 MS Points. Send your feedback in email to xlmail@microsoft.com, subject: E3 Bloggers. Please include your gamertag and hometown.
*MS Points are region-specific. If you are from outside the US and I draw your name, I’ll send you an Xbox 360 t-shirt instead.

10 thoughts on “Who Blogged Better?

Add yours

  1. lol, Would be cool if on top of the one winner we were able to see where everyone ranked. Kinda like a 1 – 12 ranking.

    K Rock XP

  2. With points or not, I am glad to be able to share my opinion on everybody’s work.It was very exciting to follow the E3 according to everybody’s point of view.*thanks for the initiative*

  3. I enjoyed reading everyone’s coverage – I definitely wasn’t the best but I’m calling my parents today to vote for me…oh what’s the use 🙂
    Seriously, great coverage – thanks again for setting this up, Trix. 
    Maybe next year someone can code an RSS aggregator on the blogs page?  That way people can look at titles of posts from Xbox.com and go to articles they’re interested in?

  4. Well my blog was not the best but I did have fun posting things on it. Trying to post some more but work has me busy. I would have to say Hazumi had a good combo of images and content on his blog.

  5. Everybody had good coverage for the most part.
    Here are my winners in order.Hallife 84 (Seriously have you seen how many videos this guy made !!)FourzertwoDirty Diva

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