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Did you know Jack Black is a huge Project Gotham Racing fan? This Sunday May 21 he’ll be racing with Xbox Live members from 3-4pm Pacific.
If you’d like to take on my future boyfriend at PGR3, register here by 5pm Pacific Thursday May 18 for your chance to play. One lucky mofo will even win a private screening of Nacho Libre for 150 people!
Go register now! Before you miss your chance! And say hi to Jack for me.

4 thoughts on “Race with Jack Black this Sunday!

  1. Mike says:

    Future boyfriend?  I’m married, but I can appreciate what women look for in dudes (and I know I’m not it) but JACK BLACK?!?!?!  Yucky.
    I entered and if I win I’ll give you my XBL login and you can go to town on PGR with him.  That way it can be nice and stealth–He’ll never expect a guy named Mike to be a woman named Trixie!!!

  2. GreenLantern4 says:

    Hmmm so many contest lately with "PGR3"; maybe I should go out and buy this….even if it is like bumper cars. No "PDZ" contest? I see the "Kameo" skin design one, but I’m surprise no ‘co-op’ with a celebrity occurred once it had co-op over Live.

  3. Kelly Rock says:

    hey trixie, i sent you a request for contact info or something. Disregard that, I didn’t realize what that button did, until i pressed it. :-)K Rock XP

  4. Ace says:


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