Don’t miss your chance to register for the World Series of Video Games! These dudes are bringing the Xbox goodness this summer to Louisville Kentucky and Grapevine Texas (does anyone know where that is?)
There are tourneys for Halo 2, PGR3, GRAW and even a BYOC Geo Wars thang!
I might even be there, so I hope to see you guys!
Did I mention there are CASH PRIZES?!


  1. If you were going to describe it to people that are somewhat familiar with Texas, tell them that it is just north of the DFW area, closer to the Fort Worth side.

  2. You’d enjoy Grapevine Mills Mall TriXie….There’s also a Bass Pro Shop right near the mall for those outdoors people….

  3. Looks like they same thing we have up in Burlington…Outlet malls can be good, but most times, its just crap no one else wanted..

  4. Hey Trixe you rule !!You are just as cool in real life as you are online.Thanks so much for taking a picture with me.(yeah im a fanboy I know.)Check out the shot from C03! Third photo at the top.Keep up the good work hope to see you next year !

  5. Just FYI.. POdcast we recorded at the C3 Party has been posted. You can find it over at . It is episode 19. Trixie you sound great.. Hope to have you on our Podcast again soon.

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