i’m here!

i can’t figure out where the shift key is on this italian keybord, so forgive me. i’m not trying to go all e.e. cummings on you.
omg, i can’t believe i’m really in italy! it was a long long long flight. the amsterdam airport was crazy cool and filled with orange-garbed dutch soccer fans.
i got felt up by security in amsterdam. i was ‘randomly’ selected for molestation by a dutch girl with blonde braids. she did such a thorough job that even the klm flight attendants were giving me a look like ‘what’s up with that’. seriously, that’s the most action i’ve had in a while.
flying over the alps was amazing. these gorgeous snowcapped peaks and all these darling little villages in the valleys. don’t laugh at me, but i almost cried landing in bologna. i’ve dreamed about going to italy for soooo long, and seeing the red roofed farmhouses and the particularly italian colors of the dirt and trees was just overwhelming. well, and i’m pretty dang tired.
i’ve met almost all the finalists. they’re all very friendly and cool and excited to be here. zenomorph is very funny, and bad coyotefunky is french and charming. luckily maxfatality brought his mom tracy as his guest so there is another chick  here for me to hang out with. also the very cool giulia from our ms office in milan.
my italian is not so good. i did manage to ask the taxi driver what time it was, but couldn’t understand his answer.
tomorrow we tour bologna. we’re actually in a kinda suburb called pieve di cento. it’s midway between bologna and sant’agata bolognese (lambo factory). my hotel room is well, interesting. europe is different for sure. i’m seriously thrilled to be here, but my room here makes the mondrian in la look like a palazzo!
i’m going to work a bit, watch some mtv italy and then take a couple excedrin pm’s and hit the sack. the twin sized, hard as a rock sack. did i mention the pillows are like–what?–oversized sanitary pads. sorry boys, i don’t know how else to describe them.
buon notte!


  1. Ciao bella! 😉
    BTW, if you like gold jewelry, stop to buy while yer out there… the 18K is uber.  And cheap… I’m SO jealous, just so you know.

  2. Yo Trixie!! I’m Italian and I’ve never been there. You my friend are living out my dream. I hope you have a really good time over there and makesure you keep bringin us fun stories. Oh and you desk REALLY needs a major cleanup. If you ever want some help on it you can fly me to Redmond and I’ll get you organized for life. I like to keep my stuff clean and tidy. Aight have fun. jagr200

  3. I get lost inside a paper bag.  I don’t think I’d do too well in Italy, although it would be an exciting experience.  Hope the trip goes well.

  4. sweet, I’m sure ur loving it.  I’m going to rome when my cousin goes to school over there, plus I got a vegas trip in the works for CES.

  5. It’s Buona* Notte! 😀
    Glad you’re having fun TriXie. I hate the Italian keyboard as well, thank God I’ve got an american computer (even though I live in Italy). Say hi to Giulia for me (I think I know her…)
    Ciao for now.

  6. Hmmm…..I look forward to seeing the video of you and the sexy security female soon on the internet.  I’m glad to see you made it safe.  Take A LOT of pictures.  I mean it better take me over 15 minutes to go through your Italy flicker photo album pics. 

  7. is that animated cartoon person with the black hair supposed to be a portrait of you? looks nothing like you.

  8. I’m feeling guilty now. Only today I’m reading about it. I have been rushing day and night because of my come back to work.I love Schipol!!!! It is a really cool airport. I loved all the time I passed there (including when I felt asleep while waiting for my late flight after a trip to Mexico). lolMe loves Dutch people!*hugz*

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