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Oh man, this is the most amazing place I have ever seen in my life. So bummed I can’t upload photos for you, but this internet closet in my hotel (the only place with access!) won’t let me download the photo uploader thingy for Spaces.
So, go check ’em out on I took 180 photos yesterday, so there will be a lot when I get back.
Funny things I did not put on
  • Two of our finalists were totally sicked out by the cheesy smell at the parmigiano factory, and plugged their noses like babies.
  • One finalist actually brought a girl that is not his mom. she’s beautiful but only speaks french and clings to her boyfriend like a dryer sheet to a towel.
  • I have already had due espressi this morning and am running on 4 hours of sleep
  • Tensions are running high here. The finalists claim not to be nervous and won’t really talk about who is their biggest threat. Looks like dumb macho posturing to me.
  • The young aussies and brits have hit it off and are hanging out and joking around.
  • Just between you and me, I predict a win for MaxFatality. He’s a nice kid as well as a great racer and I really like his mom.
  • I have not had a chance to shop. I have not yet had a chance to change my dollars for euros. Yes, I could use a carta di credito, IF I weren’t a naughty little overdrawn bank account monkey!
  • Italy has crazy toilets that spray a ‘sanitizing mist’ when you stand up. Eek.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever straighten my hair again! Bologna is filled with bella italian chicks with hair just like mine. I thought this hair was a curse from my great grandmother Maria Guarnieri (nee Brescia) but maybe I could get to like it!

14 thoughts on “Italy is the coolest!

  1. Eugene L says:

    Get some rest and have some fun, TriXie. I am loving the pictures, so keep ’em coming 🙂

  2. James says:

    What?  They gave you a driver?!  I spent a month in Sicily back in the ’90s, and Itlay’s the SCARIEST place in the world to drive!  Count your blessing, TriXie!

  3. Nicholas says:

    That parmigiano factory sounds like heaven to me, I put that on
    everything.  Not to mention after a long night of drinking it’s
    fun to evenly coat whichever of your friends fell asleep/passed out in
    a layer of parmigian cheese.

  4. Joe says:

    The trip sounds like a blast, thanks for the great coverage. I have read all the updates and want Maxf wins it all. I hope to visit Italy one day, but for now, thanks for sharing the experience.

  5. GreenLantern4 says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying it.  All that I ask in return is that you bring me back a bowl of spaghetti and a large pizza. 

  6. Mike says:

    Congrats on finding the ‘shift’ key!  🙂

  7. Allyn says:

    TriXie, top of your list for "items to bring back from Italy" should be one of those 40lbs wheels of Parmesan.  It’ll cost you about a grand, but I guarentee you’ll be a hit in the office.

  8. Richard says:

    get a bottle of sambuca before you leave

  9. Daylon says:

    lucky girl….viva la Italy  (yes i know that sounded totally stupid lol)

  10. James says:

    The videos were awesome, TriXie!  Is that the videomonkey saying Jesus when the driver punched it in the Lamborghini?

  11. DirtyDiva says:

    Ooooh so jealous! Italy is so gorgeous! Glad you’re having fun over there 😀

  12. Debbie says:

    If you liked Italy you have to go to Brazil!When the 360 gets its launch there, hide yourself in someone else’s suuitcase and go see what fun is all about.Italian people are cool. We all got this sweet Latin blood which is awesome.Don’t tell me you don’t like your hair. I have been doing permanent on my lately, butit doesn’t last long…. :-PI’m gotta sit my ass in front of the laptop on Sunday and check all the videos. ;-)*hugz*

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