I’m baaaack

Whew! The day started at 3am in Bologna. Two hour flight to Amsterdam. Four hour layover. Ten hour flight to Seattle. I had my proscuitto and salami confiscated by Homeland Security. Apparently meat products are a no-no.
VideoMonkey and I watched movies and played the trivia game on the flight. I am number 3 in the overall Top Ten. So if you fly Northwest anytime soon, try to beat my score!
Italy was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I actually got to use my Italian on Thursday. After we bundled the kids off to the airport (bad coyotefunky called me his ‘love crush’) The Xbox crew walked into Pieve di Cento and found a tiny little place for lunch. No English was spoken there, and it was the best food we had the whole trip.
I am trying to stay up until 8pm Seattle time. Write me some comments and help keep me awake!!
My  two fave pics from Italy below:


  1. I enjoyed your interview with the PGR champion very much, TriXie. I am glad that you had a great time while you were in Italy… I just wish that I knew Italian.

  2. Welcome back!  Hopefully a worthwhile trip.  You can spend the time, um, cleaning your desk at work?  Kicking off bad ambassadors?

  3. Sounds like a good Time Trixie. I’m jealous. Always wanted to go to Europe. Props for learning a little of the native language!

  4. Welcome Back!!! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip.  I understand about the flight time.  I flew to Okinawa and it was like a 20 hour trip from Seattle!! I am so jealous I would love to go to italy

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