The trouble with Xbox gear

I just wanted a horror DVD. That’s all. Was hoping to find Boogieman or Omen 2.  My friend and I went to the electronics section of Fred Meyer in search of something scary to watch. That’s all. He was wearing a Zero Hour sweatshirt. Well that was enough for some dorkus to come over, start up a conversation re: Xbox and bend my frickin’ ear for like 20 minutes. He knows everything, by the way. And he prefers Counter-Strike on the PC, Halo 1 to Halo 2 and plans to purchase the Wii and the PS3…but not the 360. He goes to Digipen so he’s a freaking genius.
Okay great, jackass. I’ll call Bill ASAP and let him know that you’ve got the answer to everything. And fyi, just because you’ve taken classes from people I know…does not mean you know me.
Grrr. Shut up and leave me alone. No, I didn’t get a good horror movie. Some MGS guy who recognized me from the cafeteria steered me away from Bloody Mary. But then it takes a lot to scare him, he claims. Because apparently he’s a big tough guy.
Speaking of geeks, I went to get a Diet Coke today in the office and ran into TWO overweight, ponytailed, sock and sandal clad coworkers discussing elementals and spell-casting.
Some days I wonder what it’s like to sell insurance. I wanted to go to law school at one point–be a DA and put bad guys in jail. Do you think they have to deal with PS3 lovers and spellcasting on a regular basis?


  1. omg, I hate people like that. Before I would try and educate them, now I just give up. It’s because of people like them that slavery went on for so long. Ignorant, Ignorant people.

  2. I think its all about perspective. I would way prefer the ‘games people’ over the telecom people. In the past 5 years I’ve worked for Qwest, MCI and now Qwest again. Imagine what I hear!!! "You people (thats my favorite right there ‘you people’…yes, people who work in telecom ARE people too!) messed up my bill!" or (while at MCI) "You people are crooks". So I would definitely say take it in stride and realize that like anything in life, it could be worse. Oh and if you want to try something else, I’ll be more than happy to do a "trade jobs" day! 🙂

    Oh and on your job ideas–
    Some days I wonder what it’s like to sell insurance.–Doing telco sales for 10 years I’ll say this. Imagine if you had to sell the Digipen twerp a 360 right there or you wouldn’t get a paycheck. Welcome to my nightmare. Oh, and if Timmy wanted to call and complain about a game delay, he would have your direct phone number.
    I wanted to go to law school at one point–be a DA and put bad guys in jail. Do you think they have to deal with PS3 lovers and spellcasting on a regular basis?–My son’s godmother is kind of in this–she is a parole officer type for violent sex offenders. She also had this grand idea of ‘lets go save the world’. What she found was that: 1. The system is quite broken and lenient, 2. She has no way to fix this, and 3. No matter what she does she will always have a steady stream of freaks to deal with. PS3 people, no. People who do violent and disgusting things, yes. So, once again–could be worse. 🙂

  3. Hey trix..  log on WoW and lets go raiding.  I’ll bring my shaman, you bring your druid, and we’ll make some magic happen.

  4. I think I saw the same guys in the hallway the other day. They were talking about dungeon instance limits. Weird, because I’d run into that very issue the night before. You can only have five instances open in an hour. I mean, really. How else am I supposed to get my druid relic?

    Oh. I get your point.

  5. Hmmm, I’ve been wearing my Xbox 360 merchandise (and keychain) since Zero Hour and had compliments, but no real gripes.  Then again, the tension is getting thicker as we get close to November and the Sony fanboys will stike at anything green and with an ‘X’. 
    Funny, about your co-workers.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the one out of place at my work since everyone’s office/cubical usually looks professional and has programming books, while mine is the only one with Terminator memorabilia, "Trigun" action figure, LSU items, and "Halo"/360 swag all doing galactic battles around my programming books and PC area. I might also argue about "Han shooting first" or useless movie trivia, but I draw the line at wizards and RPGs.

  6. Wow.  I’ve known Trixie to spew the vitriol on occasion, but that was a tad elitist even for her.Clue in, Trix … the only reason he could bend your ear for 20 minutes is because you didn’t tell him to step off in a way he could understand.  Nerds and Geeks tend to lack the social awareness to know that when you stop making eye contact and taking part in the conversation that you’re trying to end it.  Just put on your nicest smile, tell him that you’re on a tight schedul and don’t have time to talk, but thanks for your comments.  Hell, even point him to your blog.  Trust me, nerds won’t take offense to that.  It’s just a matter of talkin to them on their level.I have a friend of mine that just don’t know when it’s time for him to leave.  I literally have to tell him, "OK, you need to go home now."  Doing the little subtle things that suggest that you want to be alone just don’t register.  As soon as you understand that, it becomes a lot easier to deal with them without worrying that you’ll offend them.

  7. I can only imagine how you feel… I live in Nashville and whenever I wear my Zero Hour hoodie I get asked if I work for "Xbox" (not do I work for Microsoft) and whether or not I can get them a fee Xbox.

  8. Check out ‘The Skeleton Key’ not a slasher or real horror mvie, but it has some suspense and a good twist at the end.

  9. Hey Trixie,
    If you want to watch something really scary, you should watch the Sony E3 Press Conference. 
    <ba da dum>  Thank you….I’ll be here all night.

  10. lol Randy. You could’ve warned me. I’m chilling in the cafeteria and I just hear "Hey, did you get the pee and poo dolls?!"
    Nice to meet you finally. I pretend not to see denim shorts. It’s a lost cause at MS…

  11. AAAHAHAHAHHAHACome work in my office for a couple of days. I have someone who burps REALLY loudly at least 10 times a day and was yelled at last week for calling Mark Ace from gatchaman/g-force/battle of the planets. I WAS 5

  12. Oh come on now!  Thems things are cool enough that that could NOT be the first time you had that conversation in the cafe!
    And it was just luck that they were jean shorts.  I DO have non-denim that I’d wear, but not often.  At least I wasn’t wearing sandals yet.  My toes need some Spa-based TLC before I can let them show in public without worry…
    Tell ya what tho: if you find the surface of your desk under The Mound, I’ll conform to the Trixie-Dress-Code for a work week.

  13. Try Hide and Seek. I saw it in the theater  and
    that movie seriously creeped me out.  Its  not gory just flat creepy. 
    Especially the ending.. Dakota Fanning does a good job in this

  14. I’m really new to MS.. but I’ve already seen some weird things in the cafeteria. My building has a random smattering of geeks, (Me being one of them..) but overall its a fairly serious gang. I go to the cafeteria in Building 4. I was having a lunch meeting and there were some grown up boys (one with grey hair, and another with a pony tail) playing Magic. I’d never seen that before. Of course I had never seen people with beer in a fridge in their office before either. (Well, since I started working at another company back in 1989 when they drank AND smoked in the office.)

  15. Auhauhauhauha!

    Serves you right for waxing nerdcore merch in public.

    @ SuperRob: I know exactly when to leave and when the hints start. Just never take them, is all. :-p

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