Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been smugly satisfied with my Zuma success and the beautiful weather. Well then, back at it:
  • My good friends at Plantronics are selling the fabled Halo 2 headset for a mere $14.95. Part of the price goes to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Check it out here.
  • Sorry everyone, but the position of K Rock XP’s wingman (er, make that wingchick) has been filled. Now I just gotta get to Miami!
  • I’m contemplating going to Dallas (actually Grapevine) for CPL and World Series of Video Games next weekend. Question is, is there enough of a story there to justify 4 days in Texas? What do you think? Looks like LANWAR was a good time.
  • Rules to be a heavy-hitter in the community: 8 super lucky gamers (Xbox and PC) got to come to Redmond a couple weeks ago to play Battle for Middle Earth 2. Now you know how I personally feel about LOTR crap, but these guys had a fun time. Maj and Videomonkey were there too.
  • What to see first this weekend? Superman Returns or Pirates of the Caribbean 2? Has anyone seen the Omen remake?
  • Videomonkey loaned me his copy of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein which I really liked. I even ordered the sequel from Amazon, which I hope arrives this weekend–great poolside reading!
  • Sadness. Get well soon to Hazumi‘s little boy Zack and JBean’s horsie Wheeler.
  • I have not bought any shoes in a month. I am a ROCK!
  • Major is taking a beating over on his blog. Methinks the rotten little kids are out of school and lookin’ to stir up trouble!
  • e is a poop. He mocked me on his blog. I’m planning to give PMS Kitty detailed instructions on how to make him suffer–not in a good way, mind you. She does a pretty good job, but I do have a few more years experience making boys unhappy.
  • Have you seen what’s coming for Windows Live Spaces! As Cartman says: "Kick ASSSS!"
  • Finally, how much do I love GamerchiX? Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! Girls FTW!


  1. Yeah Major’s getting it bad, of course I wasn’t exactly easy on him.  I’m seriously bored with my 360, I play my DS more.

    No shoes?  What’s wrong with you?

  2. Congrats on Zuma!! I am sooo stuck on stage 12. I really look forward to getting into some games with the other GamerchiX. 🙂

  3. After a week at Disneyland I would say to see Pirates of the Caribbean first!  Looks like that’s going to be amazing.
    hmmm… I wonder if e needs any help. . .    :p

  4. …and mock thee again I shall.
    If you’re going to link to my blog, at least use the permalink to the entry in question, hmm?
    Silly Trix.

  5. Thanks for the well wishing Trixie. It’s a bit of a weird transition for my blog from gaming to family medical issues.. but I guess that’s life. I know one thing for sure, I get more traffic from family than gamers.
    Don’t see The Omen. If you saw the original and liked it, then you already saw it. Unless you haven’t seen it for years and can treat it more of a Shaun of the Dead. Seriously, I found myself laughing at the film. It still made me jump at those "something jumping out behind a corner" moments, even if I was anticipating them. That probably made it even more funny.

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