GRAW Dudes and Bad Ads

I recently interviewed two of the guys who worked on the new DLC Chapter Two for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. They ‘splain lots of stuff… You will likey. Link
Apparently Kotaku thinks your ideas for an Xbox 360 ad suck. Now I remember why I like Joystiq better


  1. What is really sad is that Kotaku cannot even come up with a news worthy story.  Instead they need to bash a contest that was for fun.
    Trixie, you have my permission to take one of these shoes or boots you display on your web page and shove it up their arse.

  2. Can’t say I liked all the ideas but can’t say I submitted any of my own.  Judge not lest ye be judged.  Or something. 
    Anywho, the idea they pointed out I think is pretty damn good…

  3. Well, those ideas really did kind of suck.  I realize it was a contest for the Forum folks (which is probably why I was totally unaware of it until I saw the Kotaku story), but at the same time, creating an ad is harder than it sounds.Here’s the idea that I e-mailed in:Show a guy in red overalls and a red hat coming home from a hard day at
    work.  He gets out of his plumbing truck, walks into his front door,
    hangs his trademark red cap on the hat rack, and plops down on the
    couch.  He grabs the Xbox 360 controller, and presses the Guide button

    Instantly, he’s transported into several of the Xbox 360
    games.  Intercut footage of the games with close-ups of the plumber …
    PGR3 -> White knuckles on the controller … Perfect Dark Zero ->
    Wild eyes … Fight  Night 3 -> Bulging Biceps … Gears of War
    -> Sweat dripping off of his large mustache.*
    Final scene … plumbers tosses the controller on the couch and says, "Wow.  That’s-a much more fun than my day job."Xbox 360.  Jump in.*Alternatively,
    you could feature the plumber in the games, getting absolutely whooped
    on.  Taking a punch to the face in Fight Night 3, his car gettin
    slammed into the wall in PGR3, etc.  The rest of the commercial could
    be unchanged.If you want some really inspired casting, you could probably see if you can track down Captain Lou Albano.I kind of miss the days when the game companies would throw a little fire.  🙂

  4. Well I hate to go against something said by the Queen of Xbox, but Kotaku’s better than Joystiq.

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