TriXie’s Grab Bag

a.k.a Son of Randomocity
  • My good friend Peter Rockport Orullian is a contributing author to a cool new story collection Hags, Sirens and other Bad Girls of Fantasy. You should definitely check it out.
  • Another cool book by a fellow Microsoft chick is Breakup Babe by Rebecca Agiewich. I don’t know Rebecca, but I’ve read her blog. This book kept me laughing from Seattle to Amsterdam.
  • Xbox GamerchiX now has a private forum and designated Ladies Nights on Mondays in July!
  • Xbox All-Nighter coming up tomorrow. Play GRAW: Chapter 2 until the sun comes up!
  • I rediscovered the delights of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Mark Hamill does the voice of the Joker and he rules. Dig the way he says "Sally the weasle Valestra" You won’t be sorry….
  • Hope you all had a great Independence Day. I started off by watching…you guessed it… Independence Day. My favorite part is when Will Smith is dragging that alien across the desert and says "And what is that SMELL?!" I ended the day watching rednex and e blow stuff up out in the country.
  • TriXie has a weakness for dimples. Note to TriXie: step away from the intern!
  • Bummed out I won’t make CPL in Dallas this weekend. Good luck to all!


  1. –Breakup Babe–"Chick Book", "Dude Book", or "Bi Book"?
    –Another good animated adaption IMO is "Spiderman-The New Animated Series".  Ran for a season on MTV–well voiced and animated.  Who would have thought Doogie Howser would be such a good voice actor?
    –Last but not least, if you like "funny blogs" check out Tucker Max.  Definitely rated ‘R’ for adult content, violence and sex but is one of the funniest reads on the net.

  2. Mike: It’s a Bi Book.
    Tucker Max is an assh*le. He’s exactly the kind of full of himself frat retard that I HATE. His story that ended with the girl running away with puked and sh*t on sheets actually put me off sex for like two days.
    I liked your link to though. That’s funny stuff.

  3. Tard-blog is one of the best out there. is also good.  Not tard-blog good, but good. 
    Sorry if I ruined a few of your days by introducing you to TuckerMax.  I never said his stories were wholesome.  😉
    BTW, you owe me a nickel.
    I called MySpace creepy 4 months ago. 🙂

  4. Actually Hamill has done almost all of the Joker’s voicings for Batman/Batman Beyond for WB… damn shame that they stopped writing both serieses.
    As to Breakup Babe I find that interesting… I dunno that I’ll read it, though – I’ve recently gone thru a sort of similarly ugly relationship "ending" and was on the receiving end of most of the crap, much like she was… what’s interesting to me is that her story made for a good book – I was recently wondering mine was worthy of paper or just another typical "break up".  After all, I already have one book out there that doesn’t sell – do I want two out there?  Probably not… but maybe!

  5. OMG! Me reads you again!!!You know what? It feels like I’m back to life after a period of hybernation…*you go girl*GamerchiX RULE!!!!!

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