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  1. LOL… first thing BeerTime said on our way to coffee Wednesday morning was "when you check out Major’s blog this morning, check out the shirt he’s wearing.. he needs help"  What era did he drag that tablecloth back from? 🙂

  2. The shirt was green and kind of appropriate with Frogger being released and all. How long will these stripped shirts be back in style. Talk about the 80’s.

  3. Just read a few of these,TriXie: Harsh. Three things you’d want on a desert island?daChiefRocka: 1. A castle made out of coconuts that can hold very exclusive parties, 2. clean underwear, 3. Xbox 360™.^How did he get into MIT? Definitely should have asked for a boat.BTW the letters sent in for the pre-NBA Draft game with fame had horrible spelling  

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