Me on Unscripted 360

I had a great time talking to Deaconblade 360 this afternoon. You can listen to it here:

3 thoughts on “Me on Unscripted 360

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  1. TriXie… I think you need an assistant to check all of those emails, lol. Great conversation with Deacon over at Unscripted360, and I am sure that many of my friends will be excited to hear that you will be accepting more ambassadors in the future.
    Once again, thanks for all of your work in the community… see you on the forums.
    – Haloaded

  2. Loved hearing the interview with you trix its early days for unscripted but deacons getting the hang of talking to the masses, Sorry for commenting on the pic of your office i was only joking lol And yes great news about the ambassador program taking more on I hope I get in I didnt apply last time, And maybee you can have an ambassador blade directory on the dashboard somewhere so new people can look for an ambassador near them to get the friend ball rolling :0)

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