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Just saw Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. It was AWESOME! So freakin hilarious! The only bad part was that I accidentally screamed during the preview for The Grudge 2 and rednex mocked me for the next 90 minutes.
This movie RULES! Go see it! Drive fast to the theatre!

12 thoughts on “I Wanna Go Fast!

  1. Kevin says:

    I want to go see it.  It looks like a pretty good movie. The previews made me laugh 😛 Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go sometime 🙂

  2. GreenLantern4 says:

    You screamed at a "Grudge 2" preview?  A preview? Oh, yeah…..I would have picked on you too.  😛

  3. Everett says:

    How much are you getting paid to say that, Trixie? The few people I have talked to who saw it said it wasn’t worth the theatre trip. One of my friends said you can see every almost funny moment in the film during the TV trailers. One of those movies you might watch on HBO one night when you can’t find anything else, he said.
    Are you the one person out there who ‘gets’ Will Farrel? Or did you just have fun spending the day with Rednex and are projecting THAT onto your opinions of the movie?

  4. Christa says:

    Rhett, I totally disagree with your friends’ assessment. It was very funny, and consistently funny. And yeah, I totally ‘get’ Will Farrell. And as to it being worth the trip to the theatre…I’m going again tomorrow night 🙂
    Lantern, the Grudge 2 preview was VERY scary! I got startled!

  5. Everett says:

    Wow. You really loved it, eh. Allright then.  Maybe we’ll go see it just for the Grudge 2 preview. If it’s as bad as Bewitched, Anchorman or Elf I’m holding you accountable, Trixie. heh  😛

  6. Ryan says:

    Hey Trixie, HrtBrkKidRyan here, you said you wanted to go fast? If you are interested I know of a killer WOMEN’S MX school, and also a couple of Race car classes.(those are so much fun, until you get a speeding ticket on the way home.)

  7. FatSteveIrwin says:

    It was AWSOME! Trixie I completely agree.
    "How much you sell that weed for mister?"

  8. Kevin says:

    You seem to get mocked an awful lot, TriXie…    :p  perhaps you need this brand new product called  ‘Mock-It-Off’  guaranteed to stop mocking for 30 minutes "just spray once in would be mocker’s eyes and watch how quickly it works"  :p

  9. Daniela says:

    I’m actually hearing good reviews about it.  The fiance and I are gonna check it out this week hopefully.  It’s the number one movie this week, of course it is a new release.  It’s also pretty neat to find that Ferrell actually co-wrote the script too.

  10. CipherXor says:

    Will Farrell is funny in so many ways.. He lets it all hang out (literally). At least he hasn’t done a romantic comedy yet.. or has he?

  11. Daylon says:

    drive it like you stole it Ricky Bobby! lol

  12. Eric says:

    I really want to see it. My wife is Will Farrell’ed out.. 😡 I’m going to have to go with my two year old boy and tell him it’s "Cars".

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