GamerchiX Update

Just a quick update to let you know what’s going on with the ‘chiX.
  • We got a mention in today’s USA Today. Front page of the Life section or you can read it online here.
  • Interview about GamerchiX on The Escapist Read it here.
  • Morgon at created a GamerchiX Leaderboard. Check it out here!
  • TriXie’s GamerchiX had their first COD 2 clan match. They didn’t win but we’re SO proud of them!
  • Deaconblade 360 is doing a podcast on the GamerchiX this weekend. Look for it this weekend here.
  • GamerchiX membership now stands at 269 chiX!!


  1. This blog is perhaps one of the most brilliant grassroots efforts I have ever seen to get females gaming and being comfortable with the idea of playing video games.  As a male looking for a girl who would rather join me in my choice of entertainment rather than give me grief about it, I applaud this blog, and hell, even if it’s driven by some minds at microsoft that realize the potential income base that tapping the female gamer would give rise to, this is a requirement to grow the gamer base.  Heaven knows, I’m tired of never hearing a female voice online… but then, I don’t blame them, cause guys are not terribly nice to them… but if we can condition guys to get used to hearing it, it wouldn’t be such a big deal anymore…

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