Slow burritos, noisy neighbors and an iPod

Things started out bad this morning. A family with a young child has recently moved in upstairs from me. The kid likes to run and jump. So much so that the walls shake in my apartment. It usually starts at 6am. I can’t complain because then I’m the bitchy child-hater.
Then, the drive-thru at Taco Time took forever AND the chick at the window touched a disgusting rat-like lapdog in the car ahead of me. And then she touched my food!!
Grr. I am cranky. So I decided to make a list of all the songs on my iPod with sunshine, flowers, and happiness in the title.
"Are you Happy Now?" – Michelle Branch
"Blood and Roses" -The Smithereens
"Blue Orchid" – White Stripes
"Daisy Duke" – Rooney
"Flood of Sunshine" – The Posies
"Flower" – Liz Phair (NOT about flowers)
"Happy" – The Rolling Stones
"I’ll Follow the Sun" – The Beatles
"I’m Happy Just to Dance with You" – The Beatles
"If it Makes You Happy" – Sheryl Crow
"My Happy Ending" – Avril Lavigne
"Pride and Joy" – Marvin Gaye
"Rapture" – Blondie
"Shadow on the Sun" – Audioslave
"Soak up the Sun" – Sheryl Crow
"Solar Sister" – The Posies
"Sun Child" – The Vines
"Sunshine" – Keane
"Violet" – Hole
"You Are My Sunshine" – Ray Charles


  1. As I am the bright side of life:

    1. The kid could be jumping on your bed. Welcome to my world–I was woken up, hung over and unhappy this morning by my son wanting to watch Jimmy Neutron at 6:38 AM.

    2. Your BFF Paris Hilton is covering "Do You Think I’m Sexy?" by Rod Stewart. I have it and it is the worst thing ever. Why should that brighten your day? You do have talent. She has none. Trixie 1, Paris 0.

    3. Just saw Talledega. Just remember: "use your Baby Jesus powers" to find peace. Either that or change your handle to "El Diablo". You know, with the claws and beak and stuff.

    4. If you are a fan of ‘net videos’ as am I, this is the greatest thing of all time.

  2. Oof.  THAT’S a rough Sunday… altho, I have to say, I’m glad I haven’t been to a Taco Time in a while.  I don’t even wanna know which one that was 😐

  3. The first apartment that my wife and I had after we got married was okay at first. Then a new family moved in upstairs. Their kid liked to run from one end of the apartment to the other endlessly. They also liked to prepare their meals with a big knife and a big wooden chopping block. And then there were the process servers at one in the morning, banging on their door.  Next we had three bachelors move in downstairs in the middle of summer. They liked to drink, smoke and BBQ *fish* on a hibachi out on their deck. Did I mention that there were no windows in the apartment other than ones that faced south and that we had no air-conditioning?
      Use your imagination. It was hell on earth. We moved after the car break-ins started…
      Trixie, complain to the manager or write an anonymous letter to your neighbours. You shouldn’t have to put up with that.

  4. You have every right to complain about the stompers above. Don’t let ’em beat you down!

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