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You sick of me yet? I’m sort of sick of myself, truth be told. If you just can’t get enough (okay Dad, I know you’re out there) here are my two latest interviews.
Me on XBLRadio. They’re actually offering two flavors of TriXillation: regular and extra sassy (the unedited version).
Me on a brand new UK webiste 360gamerZ. f1ddy interviewed me on IM over the weekend. Check it out here.
Today I’m headed over to spend some quality time with the Forza 2 team for an upcoming Developer Spotlight, and I’m taking VideoMonkey with me!

5 thoughts on “TriXie overload

  1. Rainmaker2112 says:

    Great stuff Trixie!  Looking forward to hearing about Forza2, as I know the community is buzzing about it too.  Congrats on the notoriety, at least it’s the good kind, right?  🙂

  2. Steve519 says:

    wow, thanks for the bump trixie, really enjoyed having you on the show we will have to do it again some other time

  3. Albert says:

    Certainly a pleasure.  If you get tired of Zuma, come join us on Texas Hold’em!  In other words, it was nice knowing you….   But I look fwd chatting again in the future.

  4. Chris says:

    No one is sick of you trixie, I think we should just turn you into juice and bottle you up. We will add extra caffeine and distribute you to all the xbox gamers.

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