The Weekend Report – Games, Music, Books

  • I beat Zuma again! For the third time. I’m visiting PopCap games in Seattle this week for a Developer Spotlight. I’m going to BEG for Zuma DLC.
  • I know I always say I don’t like violent games, but I’m having so much fun with Dead Rising. I especially like heating up a frying pan and searing the faces of zombies. I kind of have a crush on Frank Ward. I know he’s on the chubby side, and he’s got bloodshot eyes, but well…I dig him anyway.
  • BFME 2. It wasn’t me. A friend of mine was playing it at my house. After like three hours I noticed he was wriggling in the chair and was like Dude, what is wrong with you? Turns out he had to pee, but didn’t want to stop playing. Boys.


  • I’m totally digging Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics. It’s mellow and funky and the girl can SING. There’s also this song "Candy Man" that sounds like a naughty Andrews Sisters track. Back when I first started doing the Gamer Spotlight I used to ask "Britney or Christina?" Back then Christina was skanky and Britney was the sweetheart. Oh how times have changed, n’est-ce pas?


  • I’ve discovered an amazing author: James Morrow. I devoured his newest tome The Last Witchfinder which was so good I was loathe to finish it. After that I read his Towing Jehovah. He’s a brilliant, hilarious writer.
  • I picked up Rick Steve’s Spanish Phrase Book. (I loved his Italian one) only to discover that they actually speak Catalan Spanish, not Castillian Spanish in Barcelona. So while in Madrid good morning is "buenas dias" in Barcelona it’s "bon dia". Grrr.
  • I’m reading an amazing book about Genghis Khan by Jack Weatherford. Did you know that the Soviets closed off the area where Genghis Khan was born to discourage any Mongol nationalist uprisings? And did you know a Mongol warrior’s soul is thought to reside in his Spirit Banner? It’s fascinating and I’m only on chapter one.


  • Has anyone seen Snakes on a Plane? I love Samuel L. Jackson, but my snake phobia is intense. I almost threw up when I saw the Python at Woodland Park Zoo.
  • I want to see Talladega Nights again!


  1. I so admire the fact that you have beaten Zuma not just once but THREE times. 
    <I will not be jealous, I won’t!  Back you evil green monster!!!>
    I haven’t seen the snake movie and probably won’t.  I don’t do well when it comes to snakes and spiders.  eewwww
    I am so enjoying Cascada.  Not sure why but I am and I have a Josh Grogan cd.  I love hearing him sing!!  I don’t care what language it is.
    Watched Shaggy Dog with my daughter and it was cute.  I probably wouldn’t watch it again.  On the other hand I really enjoyed The Benchwarmers when I watched it with my sons the other day.  It was so funny in a really stupid way.  We also watched The Inside Man and it was a very interesting movie.  I liked it almost as much as I did Firewall, which I enjoyed.
    As far as books go well I admit I have been reading the ole mushy romance type one lately and so to counterbalance that I am going to read the Halo books.  My 16 yr old is reading the first one so when he finishes it I will start to read it.

  2. Isn’t finding ways to torture/abuse zombies fun?  I love Dead Rising, very cool game.  If you need an Uzi, check up on the awning above the camera store in Paradise Plaza.

  3. Ooh, thanks Gronar! I never would have found that on my own! Now my problem is I put on this stupid blue helmet I got at the cinema toy store and I can’t get it off! It looks LAME! I look like Spaceman Spiff.

  4. That was you playing Dead Rising last night?
    I saw you on and mentioned it in a shocked tone to Kitty.  We both figured it was someone else playing logged in as you…

  5. I think you can go to the bathroom sink (any of them) and there is an option to ‘Return Clothes’. That should get rid of the helmet. I had a blast today hitting zombies with the car. That gets rid of some major stress!

    Have fun at PopCap–let them know that NOT ALL people are as good as Zuma as you and that game needs a ‘moron’ setting. I, however, did finish Quest mode on Magnetica–so I’ve got that going for me.

  6. Yeah, seeing you playing anything other than Zuma is a shock.  On the other hand, you beat Zuma 3 times, anyone who’s played that game has to give it up for that.  That’s just amazing, I didn’t have the patience to finish that game. 

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