Big News From Leipzig

Big announcements from the German Games Convention today about games and accessories plus Xbox 360 launching in Eastern Europe.
Check the press releases here and here, or get that man-on-the-scene flavor from my buddy AceyBongos. He’s the TriXie for UK… that actually means he’s the community manager, not that he has a dirty mouth and a Steve Madden fixation. 
But he DOES have a kick-ass Sean Connery accent and is mad funny. Which might make him a little bit cooler than me.
Check his blog—it’s aces! Tell him TriXie sent you. That should get his knickers in a twist.


  1. I need that racing wheel!
    At E3 I was about ready to grab it and the nice MS rep said "you can’t touch it" and I crumpled into a little ball and rolled into the waambulance.  But on the way out he kindly assured me the force feedback was awsome, and it’s wireless.  Before they closed the doors I whimpered back "thanks, I’ll send you the medical bill."  Ok, no hard feelings, but I still need the racing wheel.

  2. I’m liking the British dude’s blog.  I just need to figure out what  a ‘natter’ is…
    Every time I hear anyone sounding Scottish/British, I think of the Sean Connery/Jeopardy! bit from SNL.  ‘Suck it Trebek!".  Good times…

  3. OMG! Let me sip this poisonous envy of mine a little bit.Meanwhile, me locked in a office and getting home so exhausted that I can hardly game (saved by my DS Lite that I play on the train)…Well… Maybe MS Belgium hasn’t trashed my CV (again) yet. Who knows? Anyway: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*big hugs*

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