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…at Call of Duty 2?
I’m happy to announce the Xbox All-Nighter featuring Call of Duty 2. It’s 12 hours of gaming goodness beginning at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific on Saturday September 9. Me and fourzerotwo have been cooking this baby up for a couple of weeks and come Monday we’ve got another cool announcement to make.
Anyone can take part on Xbox Live, and Los Angeles area gamers have a unique opportunity to chill with Infinity Ward developers, eat pizza, score schwag and… um… play COD 2. 
Do I have any volunteers to serve as official Xbox All-Nighter bloggers?  

8 thoughts on “Can you last 12 hours?

  1. Kyle says:

    Sounds fun — so when are we having something like this up here in Seattle?  😉

  2. MthdDirector says:

    I might be able to swing by.  I’ll shoot ya an email <bang> hehe

  3. Rainmaker2112 says:

    You can sign me up as the Official Xbox Live "All-Nighter" blogger.   You know my credentials, writer, Two-time 24-hour marathoner/blogger, etc.
    COD2 is a big game in my household and in fact, I was supposed to play in the IGN COD2 tournament, but got a last minute call from a client and had to bow out.
    Let me know if you can use me and if you have any specifics on whether you want per hour blogging or an overall event blog.

  4. Luther says:

    I’d like to volunteer if it’s ok with you? I enjoy playing Call of Duty 2 and it would be good to get with other "Live" players for 12 hours. 🙂 Maybe the Xbox gang could host a party in Chicago, IL. sometime.

  5. Patrick says:

    Count me in TriXie as an Official Xbox All-Night Blogger!  Sounds like a lot of fun as well as a challange!  Also…
    1) I need something fresh for my blog.
    2) Having a great excuse for some great CoD2 action!
    Drop me a line if you need anything specific. 

  6. ROBERT says:

    Its awesome to see everyone so excited about it! Look forward to checking out all of your blogs, not to mention meeting the ones who decide to hang out at the Los Angeles happening. Trixie and I…. greatest duo ever? I think so………..Never has there been a team like this since Ace and Gary… 😉

  7. Patrick says:

    TriXie please, I am so back up and running!  All night Call of Duty 2, I am bloging it!  Consider it official! Again, if you have any specific comments or ideas, let me know…You can’t keep a good gamer down!

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