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File this under completely random.
  • Remember the noisy thumpers that moved in upstairs from me? Well I’ve discovered that the elephant child (whom I’ve still never seen) is being toilet trained. I heard it holler ‘Moommeeee. Come wipe me!’ at 7am this morning. As the creature clearly weighs hundreds of pounds, mommy must have to use a bedsheet.
  • Last night I went to drive-thru at McDonald’s while everyone played games at my house. So I order four items and four orders of fries. Drop 16 bucks at the first window and proceed to the second. The chick is laughing. In broken English she says "You really like fries." (How do you break a four-word statement? Beats me…she managed to do it) Well I get home and discover I ONLY got the fries. Genius didn’t put the rest of the food in there! Where is my filet o’ fish, my nuggets, my big and freakin tasty? And what is my recourse? They don’t give you a receipt. Like I’m gonna drive back there and argue with some acne-ridden minimum wage slave about whether or not I got my food? I paid 16 bucks for four orders of fries.
  • Maj offered Major Nelson headsets to everyone on the team who nailed me with a water balloon. Robin hates Batman.
  • Watched Walk the Line for the third time. Me likey.
  • What kind of attention-starved freak confesses to a murder he didn’t commit? In related news we had to force a gamertag change on some little freakazoid with the gamertag ikilledjonbenet.
  • I almost had to shove 21 marshmallows in my mouth yesterday.
  • Here is my life at Xbox: New guy starts in Ops. Several people come up to me "you’re really gonna like the new guy" nudge nudge wink wink. Okay, so I gotta check this out. By the time I do a flyby past his office (cute!) my coworkers have already thoroughly freaked him out: "Have you met TriXie yet?" "Oh I don’t think he’s ready for TriXie". Nice.
  • Did I mention I hate my pink razr? Well I still hate it. Every sorority slut in America has one. Hey T-mobile guy that commented once–if I buy a pebl do I have to re-up my contract? I think I’m in 2009 at this point.
  • 420 GamerchiX in 18 countries! We’re going to start a campaign to get female characters in Saint’s Row. You can’t mess with 420 chiX on a mission baby!
  • I shot a man in Reno. Why? Just to watch him die.

19 thoughts on “Randomocity: Part Whatever

  1. Mike says:

    Usually if you pay ‘retail’ (no discounts, which is $299) price, you don’t have to re-contract. Otherwise, you are usually talking some contract action. One tip from a self confessed discount whore–make sure you ask about the ‘Microsoft Discount’. I get my snazzy 15% of Verizon Wireless because I work for Qwest.

    What is really funny is that I get 1/2 off of Qwest and don’t even use them for local service. Sad.

  2. Josh says:

    You know what?  I’ve been catching a ton of nasty GT’s lately.  Who’s ranked #5 in Quarterback ratings in Madden ’07?  Well that’s good ol "AnalBeads" of course!Yak.  Do people just not understand these things called Terms of Use?

  3. Steve519 says:

    "Here is my life at Xbox: New guy starts in Ops.
    Several people come up to me "you’re really gonna like the new guy"
    nudge nudge wink wink. Okay, so I gotta check this out. By the time I
    do a flyby past his office (cute!) my coworkers have already thoroughly
    freaked him out: "Have you met TriXie yet?" "Oh I don’t think he’s
    ready for TriXie". Nice."by far the funniest one

  4. Randy says:

    I can empathize with the IT guy.  Then again, you’re pretty well marked in Tools and Technologies too… seems not many people knew about yer blog before I started here.  *halo*

  5. John says:

    Why did Mickee Dees have to punk you like that? And were they atleast the tiny marshmallows that come in packages of a thousand?

  6. Everett says:

    "You can’t mess with 420 chiX on a mission baby! "
    I dont know why but reading that instantly reminded me of the old Gen X song "100 Punks"
    "Check out any wall. 100 punks rule!"
    Walk the line was a great movie, I own the DVD.
    Anyhoo, I actually stopped by to pester you with something, Trix. I was hoping I could nudge you into finding out some info about the 360 media extender for us. Specifically, if we will ever be able to stream subscription music from our PC’s to the 360 extender.
    I know its not your thing, but your accessable and know all the right folks to get an answer. Maybe Major could do a podcast about the 360 extender stuff sometime in the future or something. Hey! it would give you an excuse to get on the podcast again  🙂
    Also, I’m curious… How many headsets ended up being given away for hitting you with a water balloon? hehe Poor Trix.

  7. Courtney says:

    Always, always ALWAYS check your food order before leaving the window of Micky Dee’s.  Unless of course you want to pay $16 for four orders of fries… 
    I believe the new IT guy was fairly warned, but no worries.  You’ll woo him with your feminine charm 😉
    Last but not least.. GamerchiX FTW!!!!
    Although I’m totally cool with a drag queen gang in Saints Row!

  8. Joe says:

    420 is a great #, you should cap it at that, if only for symbolic reference.

  9. Kevin says:

    I always get my order messed up and it isn’t isolated to one fast food chain… you would think that a hamburger, no cheese ketchup only would be really simple. . . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I get a wide variety of imaginative combinations.   :p  Like yesterday’s attempt that had the ketchup… and mayo… and tomato and onion and pickle….   it always boggles my mind   :p

  10. Nicholas says:

    You’re supposed to always check the bag before you drive away Trixie, everyone knows that.  That said, one time they only had one window open at McD’s, so I pull up, hand the person a 20, then drove off without getting change or food.  I was too embarassed to go back, so I went to Wendy’s.  Guys can be blonde too.

  11. GreenLantern4 says:

    As the famous Joe Pesci once said to Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, "They f’k you at the drive-thru!"

  12. Chris says:

    420 Gamerchix girls wow.Thats about enough to justify releasing a purple and pink 360.

  13. nicole says:

    omg girlie don’t you know by now in this freaking town that they can never ever get a order right lol.  I learned the hardway too but you know what they learned the hardway also and that is not to mess with me lol.  My little bro and my mommy work right next door to the Redmond Mc D’s and they r always messing stuff up.

  14. Trisha says:

    Mickey D’s always screws our order now we never go to the drive thru, we always go inside to make sure it is right…
    Wow, can’t believe the crazy little freak’s gametag, why would you do that?? He probably wanted some attention…the wierdo.

  15. Rob says:

    I’ve always wondered why they can short you burgers but you can’t short them cash…

  16. Brad says:

    Funny that I checked your blog today!  T-mo guy here – I’m not sure how much flexibility you have with your contract and getting upgrade devices. I might be able to hook you up with another phone. I only have black PEBLs on hand though. But I have a few others that you could chose from…. 
    If interested, just let me know. My gamertag is "Mr Hardman"…drop me a note and I could provide you my messenger ID or whatever.

  17. Christa says:

    Oooh I want a PEBL!!!! Hooray for T-Mobile guy!!!

  18. Unknown says:

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