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Okay I’m tired of looking at my ass. Check new photos over there —>
These were taken at Field Day hosted in the wilds of Redmond by our Test Lead, Master Chief. (oh how you wish you had his gamertag) Four teams competed in five events. I was on Reed’s Wreckers, led by our fearless Dev Lead Large Jaguar. The competing teams were Code is Easy, Backyard Ninjas, and V. Yes we made those t-shirts. And yes some people chose like ‘infinity’ and ‘square root of -1’ as their jersey numbers. Guess what mine was. Seriously. Guess. Halo 2 headset for the first person to guess correctly. *update. Gronar guessed. partial pic below*
The events were:
  • Water Drinking. Rabbi LoWang won, but puked.
  • Golf. Wacky Golf that is. Can’t remember who won, but my team mate Shesgottahaveit came in second place.
  • Water Balloon Toss. Me and Shesgottahaveit come in second place. My boss Highbury Gunner took first in that one. (Freaking Major Nelson popped TWO water balloons on me and enlisted Large Jaguar to pop a third on me. Uncool)
  • Jenga. Booooring. No winner…took too long.
  • Marshmallow stuffing. I was signed up to represent my team, but after Lead PM Tonic shoved 20 freaking marshmallows in his mouth I had to forfeit my position and let someone else on my team shove 21 marshmallows in his mouth.

Summary: 4 teams, 5 events, 2 water balloon assaults (Tonic got it from his PM team), 1 upchuck, many beers, 75 marshmallows, one video that will never be made public.

11 thoughts on “ Field Day

  1. James says:

    Come on, TriX.  I know you were number 69!

  2. Barton says:

    I’m gonna go with 13-1.

  3. Nicholas says:

    420?  cuz of the gamer chix

  4. Christa says:

    Damn I knew it was too easy. Okay Gronar, send your real name, mailing addy and phone number to me at and I’ll mail you the headset.

  5. Leave me says:

    Nice gams TriXie. 😉

  6. Mike says:

    I am censoring myself…Lets just say the comment I just deleted involved making something ‘too easy’ (aka not hard) and the number 69. Thanks and goodnight, I’ll be here all week.

  7. James says:

    Thanks, TriX!  You rock!

  8. Chloe says:

    Where’s that kitchen…I dodn’t recognize it…And really, why on earth would you go up agianst Tonic on anything that has to do with food…scratch that, why would you go against him at all…the man is insane…Extremtly nice, but insane, all the same…

  9. Christa says:

    Tonic? Nice? Are we talking about the same guy? Admittedly he IS insane, but ‘nice’ is a biiiiiig stretch.
    It’s Master Chief’s kitchen.

  10. Matthew says:

    Does videomoney ever travel without a camera in hand?

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