Sin City Smackdown!

This weekend is the World Cyber Games U.S. Championship! VideoMonkey and I will be there for all the action, which takes place in the Aladdin Casino. If you’re in the Vegas area, come say hello and watch the best Dead or Alive 4 and Project Gotham Racing 3 players compete for their spot in the WCG Grand Finals in Monza, Italy next month. If you’re not in the area, follow all the action on
Check out the latest WCG news, register for a sweepstakes that could take you to the 2007 Grand Finals in Seattle, and read mini-bios on some of the players. Get it all here!


  1. Wow!  That sounds like fun.  How do you find out what Xbox 360 games will be in the next WCG, so I can start training.  LOL. 75 G’s sure sounds nice! 

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