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Man, was that some exciting action! Here are the players that will compete tomorrow as World Cyber Games 2006 USA Championship draws to a close here in Sin City.
DOA 4:
DOA Master
Tomorrow, King will challenge his mentor and best friend for the spot on Team USA!
PGR 3:
Tomorrow these two TTR teammates will race for the trip to Italy to represent the red, white and blue!
Now it’s off to the Player’s Party. Paris, I’m coming for you, beeyatch!

2 thoughts on “Semi Finals done – Meet the 4 finalists!

  1. Debbie says:

    I wish I could see such great gamers at least once.I am sure it was not easy to get there and these guys must rule.May the best win!Keep on sharing, Trixie! PLZ…………..[]’s

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