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No surprises here:
Dead or Alive 4
DOAMaster showed that he is still the Master and KING needs some more schooling. Master’s going to Italy!
Project Gotham Racing 3
I’ve got a soft spot for MaxFatal1ty and his mom Tracy –we had so much fun in Bologna and Florence in June. But chompr was just unstoppable. The 17-year old from Camarillo California didn’t lose a single race all weekend, and he will be going to Monza Italy with Team USA in October.
Congratulations to the winners from myself, VideoMonkey and everyone at Xbox. And a special shout-out to Jeremy, Paul, and Mark back in Redmond for getting our coverage posted on

2 thoughts on “WCG Team USA!

  1. James says:

    Hey TriXie, the Major is spreading rumors of where you wound up the last night in Vegas over on his blog, lol!

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