How’s your Vision?

Can’t wait to go get your Xbox Live Vision camer tomorrow? Study up on all its wonders…Elle will lay them out for you in her latest article on You can even see us looking stupid while we chat. No, we weren’t drunk.
Check out some of the goofy screen captures below, including what a TriXie/Elle hybrid would look like. I call her TriXelle, and she scares me.


  1. The better question instead of "How’s your Vision?" would be "How’s Mutant TrixElle’s vision since the Elle 1/2 like to keep an eye on the left side while the Trixe side prefers blindness".
    With all the stuff going on in MikeLand (Star Wars with the kid), I completely forgot this was coming out.  Something to think about.

  2. Nice addition to Larry’s Videopodcast :). And I need to get my fingers on those filters. Like the second pic with the green and yellow filters *g*.Interesting that those trigger-vibrations are meant to "wake someone up"….:)Sad that we over here in Europe have to wait for October :/

  3. Personally I would’ve gone with Trixellope, just rolls off the tongue.  So is this genetic project your new attempt to get on the likst of 100 most influential women in gaming?  If so this could work

  4. I went to gamecrazy and fred meyer yesterday but they didn’t get them yet I was told.  Oh well, I have one lined up for today

  5. I still don’t know when it will be out here, but it looks cooler than I thought.*have fun*

  6. I had mine on pre-order at the Redmond EB Games. The MS company store won’t get them right away, I was told. (Such things as high consumer demand.) EB Games just left me a voice mail saying that they had a "shipping error" and my camera won’t be in until Friday. 😦 Time to stop by Best Buy and see if there were any "shipping errors" there. Argh.

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