Vindication! Denim Shorts are Evil

I knew it. Y’all mock me for my hatred of denim shorts, but…
I just watched a show about pervs trying to hook up with underage girls (Dateline’s To Catch a Predator) and guess what?! 90% of the ugly pathetic, disgusting freaks were wearing… denim shorts!!!
I rule! Randy and e: now is the time to retire the perv-wear. For reals.
btw, the kitties are getting along better now, tho’ Elvis keeps eating Roxy’s kitten chow. Thanks everyone for the great advice. You were right!


  1. Jess (the wife) and I just watched that also…Our favorites were ‘gross sweatpants guy’ and ‘Boonhower (sic?) the trucker’. Best part is that they subtitled the guy. However, I did find it somewhat racist that the reporter repeated everything the perv from the Middle East/India said like the audience couldn’t understand him. He spoke better English than most on the show.

    Riddle me this: Why are demin shorts worse than demin skirts? Would denim ‘skorts’ be against the rules?

  2. I’m apparently supposed to come over and do some defending here…and while I can’t speak for e, I’m sure Randy isn’t…;)
    (You asked for it, so there…)However, trix, you do have to admit e cleans up nicely when you can get him INto a suit…

  3. Now, now, if we’re following this train of thought, I think Trixie should be forced to shovel cow paddies when she wears her cowboy boots to work.  Just cuz demin shorts might be the "shorts of choice" for the pervs, it hardly means that the shorts made them that way OR that demin shorts are ev0l.  They could be naked and still be worthless hentai tossers.
    And for what it’s worth, I look best in a tux.  You’d think I look like a penguin, but for some reason?  It works.  But since I’ve only been in a suit one time since having moved to WA, the tux is even less likely.
    Of course now, I’ma wear a toga and go sit on Trixie’s office hair.

  4. *I* didn’t say they didn’t – I was just saying that if you expect me to be a perv for wearing demin shorts, then you should shovel stuff for yer boots.  I think.  I don’t know… I’ve been coding for hours straight so I’m a lil groggy now! 😛

  5. Disagreed.  I’m all for shorts.  In the summer heat, it is only fair since women can get away with skirts, dresses or slacks.  It is about choice in this generation…OK, I’m going to stop right there and make an appointment for Gamers Anonymous.
    Also, if it weren’t for shots no one would ever see my tattoos–and that would just be poo.

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