GoW and TX Chainsaw – A Match Made in Hell

Hey you splatter fans that live in SF, LA, NY and Chi-town…
You’ve got the chance to do TWO kickass things next Wednesday. Pre-screen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning AND play Gears of War.  It’s too good to pass up. Go here to register!
And dude, I don’t KNOW why they’re not doing it in Texas, or your hometown. It’s not in Seattle either so I feel your pain.
P.S. The movie is getting some decent reviews!


  1. lol, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The original was filmed in an old house right around the corner from where I live. 

  2. Ah, I wished we had this event in Germany, too. But apart from that, we have to wait longer for Gears of War anyway, because of our censorship :(.

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