Hot Tip for GoW Fans

Are you counting the hours until Emergence Day? Do you worship CliffyB? Be sure to check tomorrow, Tuesday October 3 for a very cool opportunity!
You have been warned…

10 thoughts on “Hot Tip for GoW Fans

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  1. Please Trixie, tell me my prayers have been answered and will have a contest to play Gears of War and spoon with Cliffy B.

  2. Spooning with CliffyB is overrated.  Plus, he never calls back.
    Hopefully the “Chainsaw Promo” is coming to Seattle.  I just need to find more time to get some forum action/community involvement going so I can get some MVP stuff rocking.  Alas, the job, kid, sleep combo kills that idea. 

  3. Spooning with Cliffy B?? ehh.. not so much.. I don’t think my wife would appreciate it..To have the honor of being killed by Cliffy B in the first Gears of War Xbox Live game?? Oh yeah.. I would totally do that.. is it that??Thanks TriXie! YOU ROCK!

  4. "We’ve been warned?!?" Did you just threaten us, Trixie? By the way, where does the line start for spooning Cliffy?

  5. Hey Feelz Good, how do you like the Vision Camera you won at GTR? Good to see you here m8. I also would like to challenge olne of the creators of GoW (aka Cliffy B or anyone else at Epic Games) at a deathmatch over xbox live or system link. Will they allow system linking xbox360’s in GoW. I’d like to relive my Halo 1 LAN parties again with all my beer drinking buds.

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