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Are you counting the hours until Emergence Day? Do you worship CliffyB? Be sure to check tomorrow, Tuesday October 3 for a very cool opportunity!
You have been warned…

10 thoughts on “Hot Tip for GoW Fans

  1. Nicholas says:

    Please Trixie, tell me my prayers have been answered and will have a contest to play Gears of War and spoon with Cliffy B.

  2. Debbie says:

    I am already doing my countdown here. []s

  3. Mike says:

    Spooning with CliffyB is overrated.  Plus, he never calls back.
    Hopefully the “Chainsaw Promo” is coming to Seattle.  I just need to find more time to get some forum action/community involvement going so I can get some MVP stuff rocking.  Alas, the job, kid, sleep combo kills that idea. 

  4. André says:

    Win your very own GoW chainsaw?? I am curious 🙂

  5. Leave me says:

    Spooning with Cliffy B?? ehh.. not so much.. I don’t think my wife would appreciate it..To have the honor of being killed by Cliffy B in the first Gears of War Xbox Live game?? Oh yeah.. I would totally do that.. is it that??Thanks TriXie! YOU ROCK!

  6. GreenLantern4 says:

    "We’ve been warned?!?" Did you just threaten us, Trixie? By the way, where does the line start for spooning Cliffy?

  7. GreenLantern4 says:

    Thanks for the ‘heads-up’, Trixie.


  8. Col says:

    Hey Feelz Good, how do you like the Vision Camera you won at GTR? Good to see you here m8. I also would like to challenge olne of the creators of GoW (aka Cliffy B or anyone else at Epic Games) at a deathmatch over xbox live or system link. Will they allow system linking xbox360’s in GoW. I’d like to relive my Halo 1 LAN parties again with all my beer drinking buds.

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