Gears of War Backstage Pass!

Here ya go:
Win a trip for you and a friend to visit Epic Studios, chill with CliffyB (no spooning, sorry) and play Gears of War before it’s available to the rest of us peons.


  1. Green Lantern–I would have went with: "UTFS N00B!" but that is just me. 🙂

    My theory is this–with enough drinks, spooning is always possible. Don’t shoot it down and further dash my hopes!

  2. GoW is the hype at the moment to me.
    I am looking forward the events that will be happening here as well.

  3. LOL, I hope I win so I can ask CliffyB if he’s seen Grandma’s Boy, and where they got the inspiration for the lead software designer!

  4. Ok I see spooning isn’t officially included in the prizes, but maybe you could confirm with Cliffy that there is no chance of it.  As far as I see the option’s still on the table.  It would actually be extra cool to win this, I have a friend in Raleigh and I haven’t seen her since her wedding.

  5. They could save money by picking me 😀 !  I’ll just drive to the HQ and no need to be put up in a hotel.  

  6. Trixie–
    You know me, I’m full of (mostly bad) ideas so here is one for ya:
    Obviously, spooning with CliffyB is a highly sought after prize as seen by the comments here in the past few days.  As part of the promotional events for GoW, I would like to present the "Chainsaw/Spoon Promotional Tour".  Similar to the spork, this is a combination of 2 things that, although totally different, mix well together:  Spooning with CliffyB and playing GoW.  I envision a minimum 12 city events spanning both coasts. 
    Marketing Pros:  Attacts gamers outside of the core (women) and is an industry first–would definitely receive solid press coverage.  Also, would be funny as hell.
    Marketing Cons:  GamerStench may be an issue for CliffyB after a bit.  HazMat may be needed to detox him. 
    Potentil Sponsors:  Axe body spray and LoveSac.
    Cost:  Outside of setting up a site for the "Spoon In (TM)" and travel, I don’t see much cost here.  Literally it is just Debug Units and Cliff. 
    Competition:  No real way  to top the amazingness of this promo–frankly somebody would have to get naked.
    I just realized I actually spent about 5 minutes typing this up…man, my job is boring.

  7. Do they still allow fireworks in North Carolina??  Or was that South Carolina.  I can’t remember.  When I lived in Georgia, we used to drive up north and blow things up.  This sounds like the same kind of opportunity.

  8. MthdDirector thats in South Carolina…..although some places did sell fireworks around here near the 4th of july….just nothing that great…..


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