I less than three New York

That’s right. I ❤ NY!
Had a GREAT weekend. My overall impression is that NYC hasn’t changed much in the decade since I lived there. The smell is still the same: great food, diesel fumes, and piss. My old building on the corner of West 4th and Perry is exactly where I left it. The only things that are new? Cell phones and Starbucks.
Here’s what I did:
  • Ate cold sesame noodles in Chinatown. (you can’t get them in Seattle!)
  • Watched a meatball eating contest in Little Italy
  • Shopped in SoHo (managed to say no to leopard print Steve Maddens–but only because I didn’t have room to take them home)
  • Went to a spa for a facial. Sat by the pool and read The Paris Review
  • Spotted a Zune poster on Great Jones Street
  • Ate dinner at Freemans. It’s like dining in a Thomas Hardy novel!
  • Took the subway to Union Square, but couldn’t find a decent movie to watch
  • Chilled in O’s studio apartment on Sullivan street (5 flights up! No elevator!)
  • Had brunch at The Cupping Room Cafe. Awesome eggs benedict
  • Wandered around the West Village (my old stomping grounds)
  • Sat in the sun by the fountain in Washington Square
  • Read a great book on the plane: Spook by Mary Roach. It’s about the scientific search for the afterlife: covers mediums, ectoplasm, 21 grams, reincarnation, spirit photography, near death experiences, etc. She’s a hilarious writer; I urge you to read it now!
The trip was superquick and superfun. I miss O. She needs to move home!


  1. Welcome back.  My trip to NYC in 2001 didn’t involve any smell of pee–would winter cause that?  Anywho, I did see a rat the size of an average housecat.  That memory right there is a keeper.  🙂

  2. Yep Mike… in winter it’s too cold to whiff the pee. That’s how you know it’s spring in Manhattan–you can smell the piss again. I showed O exactly where on Christopher Street I spotted a Yorkie sized rat. Definitely sticks in your memory.

  3. Thanks for the reminder: I need to chat up a couple of Chinese places when I’m back east to find out what else is in cold sesame noodles… I know it’s got peanut butter, chili paste, sesame oil and soy sauce, but there’s something missing, when I tried to make them.  Don’t get me wrong: I like the abundance of teriyaki and Thai and sushi here but the Chinese food isn’t the same…
    Personally, I like that the smell of chestnuts replace the piss smell in the winter: makes me feel all holiday warm and fuzzy 🙂

  4. This just doesn’t sound tasty.  Peanut butter and noodles?  Yuck.
    Keep in mind, this is coming from the guy that gets White Castle less than 20 minutes on the ground when I fly home to STL.

  5. I am not going to say that I am totally envious of you because I had fun last weekend as well (Call of Duty 3-fun), but I am sure it was awesome![]s

  6. I’ve only been to NYC once, back when I was in college (has it been that long?) during the spring.  Coming from Los Angeles, NYC was just a phenomenal place to be.  I loved every minute I spent there.  Trixie, looks like you did a great tour over there!

  7. you are and will always be welcome to my neck of the woods in NY… I’m actually in Coney Island… 😉 ever been?

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