Oops busted!

I guess it’s true what the guys at work say: I am a troublemaker. In my post yesterday I made a comment about one of N0M4D’s posse being mean to me. Then I get an email from Hazumi, who since he was one of my official E3 bloggers has moved to Redmond to work for Microsoft (not at Xbox) He said he was having dinner with N0M4D et al, and wanted to know which one was mean. Well I was in the middle of about thirty other things trying to wrap stuff up before I leave town. So I just responded with his name.
So this morning I discover a fecal/fan convergence that is entirely my fault. I get a long email from N0M4D apologizing, then I get message (and Friend Request) from the dude himself going WTF, I thought we were just kidding around.
We were totally kidding around. He was not ‘mean’ to me. I flipped him some crap and he flipped it right back. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Oy. I think me being offline for a few days will be good for everyone.
BTW My interview with PG4 of XB Stream fame is scheduled to publish today (or it might be Monday) so be sure and look for that. Also, check out RODSMACK 10k’s Gamer Spotlight…if you’ve got a Gscore over 10,000 you def want to check out his ‘club’


  1. Yeah, that was my fault. I had no idea what I had walked into. It’s not the first time.. 😦 There was already an issue there and I just put a little salt on the wound. Sorry Trixie! (Last time she tells me anything.)

  2. LOL
    I love those misunderstandings.. LOL
    Well, at least it is solved now. 😛
    *have fun*

  3. Trixie’s mean, your punishment?  Now you work for Sony.  Welcome to 4D gaming, whatever the hell that is.

  4. Oh, I just read the comments.  Hazumi, there’s no misunderstandings with Diva, she’s a butthead, I mean amazing (haha, butthead)

  5. Hold up, hold up, hold up!  I knew you guys were joking around with each other at launch, but after I read your blog, and after Hazumi told me about the e-mail, I thought my friend had said something inappropriate to you.  Because right after lunch, he started to drop the F-bomb a lot around the campus.  I discussed it with John Porcaro as we were walking to Peter Moore’s office.  John said it didn’t bother him but it would bother other people around campus.  And I really didn’t want his behavior reflecting on me.  Plus the other guys with me saw him starting to act inappropriate, so we pulled him aside before we got to Peter’s office.  Everything after that was great!  We just had to remind him where he was that’s all.  🙂

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