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My pals TR1GG3R MAN and Gotmian teamed up to interview me for their respective sites: Tr1g’s in Italy and Got’s in Greece. The content is the same in each. Read it on Tr1g’s blog or check the cool pics and layout on
In other news:
  • I’m going to Italy next week, where I will finally get to meet TR1G as we are both covering the World Cyber Games grand finals in Monza, home of the Italian Grand Prix.
  • GamerchiX membership just hit 568!
  • I just hit 500 friends on MySpace. Truth be told I only rejected one request–from some gun and rifle thing. What, am I Charlton Heston? Soylent Green is PEEEEople!
  • We’re busting out a new personality on later this week. I think you will enjoy him.
  • I saw The Illusionist last weekend with PixelDiva. I liked it a lot. Ed Norton is one suave and intense mofo. I’m also looking forward to The Prestige.

14 thoughts on “International TriXification

  1. Mike says:

    2 Things–

    #1–You have too much stuff in your SysTray. On the same topic, you are running Office Beta 12, but not Vista? Vista RC2 is straight up off the chain! Runs well on my MacBook and desktop. If you are gonna dogfood, dogfood RIGHT! Gadgets, woman! GADGETS! 🙂

    #2–New personality? Sweet. You know my thoughts on this.

  2. Christa says:

    the hell is a systray? God, Mike, I feel like you just peeked under my skirt or something!

  3. Kelly Rock says:

    Have fun Trix, I’m going to miss u. ;-)PS: Systray are all the icons on the bottom right of your screen next to your clock. 🙂 Have you been putting that shot glass to good use?K Rock

  4. Mike says:

    You win the award for making me laugh the hardest tonight Trixie.  Good job.

  5. MIKE says:

    I think I have an idea who the new personality might be… Can’t wait to find out for sure!

  6. Luigi says:

    Sweet, thanx for answering our crazy questions Trixie
    LOL @ Chuck Norris and it’s great news that you’re willing to move to Italy 😀

  7. Debbie says:

    Italy again?!? When are you coming to Belgium? It is small, but it is cute. 😉
    Hey! I have just read you interview at Trigg’s. I was duying to know about your expectations on the community (yeah! it was my question.). And I am so surprised you thought about Death. I have never met many people who even know her…
    *take care lady*

  8. MthdDirector says:

    lol  – I was going to comment on your System Tray, too, Trix, but seems they beat me to it. 
    Way too much going on down there!

  9. ♥Stacey♥ says:

    A new personality?? COOL! I hope it’s someone like nom4d 😉

  10. Eric says:

    N0M4D rocks. could handle two troublemakers! 😉

  11. Nomad says:

    WHA!?!? LOL….Wow…haha…I wish! But thanks for the great ummm…recommendation? I’m truly flattered hehe. I don’t think she means me though. I haven’t been notified or anything. 🙂 But I must say, I am pretty damn cool. 😉 *shines his nails*

  12. Mike says:

    Whoever/Whatever it is, I’ll trust that it will be good.

    Mochamomma–you are the type of personality I want to see. A parent who games. No offense to Nomad though. Except for he brings TriXie haters to Xbox HQ. 🙂 (That is a joke, please don’t anyone take that seriously and start another email ‘chain of rage’)

  13. Nomad says:

    That wasn’t very nice. 😦 Haha….

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