Is this Milan or Seattle

The weather is miserable here…dark, wet and miserable–just like Seattle! It’s bumming me out. Luckily it hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the WCG players at the Autodromo. They are fired up and ready for action.
Had dinner at a great little trattoria in Milan last night. The restaurant staffs’ eyes lit up when they saw 7 expense accounts walk through the door. They brought us champagne right off the bat. The food was excellent; I had the canelloni. Several hours and bottles of wine later we went back to the hotel and proceeded to shut down the bar… for the second night in a row.
Let me tell you, it is interesting to be the only chick among 6 dudes. The sports talk just never ends. I swear they were almost weepy over the blue collar poetry of Lambeau Field, and the Chicago dudes nearly came to blows over Cubbies v White Sox. The good part was hearing the dirty little secrets of NASCAR.
Today we’re touring Milan. In the rain.
As promised, here are pix of the skinned man statue from the Duomo. Try not to hurl…


  1. Looks like I’m going to have to talk to the "men of the square table."  The dirty little secrets of NASCAR are protected by "man law," don’t be spreading them around TriX!

  2. I dunnowhat Seattle yer talking about: it’s sunny with 60-65 temps from now through Monday.  *halo*

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