Master out, Chompr still in; hookers for the win!

It was an exciting day out at the track!
Videomonkey and I watched as the mighty mighty DOA Master was defeated by Divino Xmas from Mexico. Divino was in turn defeated by Canada’s Offbeat Ninja, who is the Dead or Alive 4 World Cyber Games champion!
PGR 3 was just as exciting, as TTR Chompr first out-drove TTR Burberry QQ from Chinese Taipai, and then overtook erno (whoops looks like I forgot to write down his gamertag) from Finland. Now I’m in a quandry: tomorrow chompr will race against TTR McClaren F1 our PGR 3 Global Tournament championship. These are two of the nicest kids ever, and I want them both to win.
Monkey and I got lots of video, which you should be able to see on Monday.
Also, yesterday a bunch of us went sightseeing in Milan. We spent some time at Sforza castle, hit the Duomo again, and rode a double-decker tour bus. One of our compatriots got swindled by teenage gypsy girls in the train station. Actually we all got taken for a Euro or two, but he was PISSED. Hence his new name: Gypsy Boy.
Back in Milan, it has been discovered that our hotel is located on a corner that is popular with hookers. It’s rather entertaining to watch them work. I’m fairly certain that one is actually a man. There are also a herd (a flock, a murder?) of BATS living in the trees down the street. They are uber disgusting.


  1. Too bad Divino loss, he is a cool buddy and friend and had everything to make the champ, hope next year.

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