November Randomocity

Hello, my name is TriXie. This is my blog. Here is some randomocity:
  • Last night I beat Zuma for the 4th time. I think there should be an achievement for that. Come on, PopCap hook me up!
  • I have seen the latest episode of TriXiebot720…and it is good. Special guest appearance by J Allard.
  • launched today. I think it looks great though I cannot find the TriXie playlist I did for them. Hmmm… Big props to the zune team, especially my buddy SoozyQ who’s been busting hump on that bad boy for months on end. Have a cosmopolitan my dear!
  • GamerchiX blows past 600 and hits 618 members. Some of the girls think we’ll hit 1,000 by the end of the year, but I predict Valentine’s Day. BTW, thanks to Maj for showing my GamerchiX soluna and andrasta a good time at Six Flags!
  • I’m recruiting 300 new Xbox Ambassadors in time for the holidays. And you trixieblog readers get first shot. Here’s what to do: Send me an email at, subject: Xbox Ambassador. The info you MUST include: Your gamertag, your location (state if in the US, country if outside the US) your Gamer Zone, and any languages you speak other than English. Tell me why you would be a terrific Xbox Ambassador.




  1. Thanks for making me spew Sobe Energy out of my nose on the EA comment.  I appreciate that.  Now I have a sticky desk and a burning nose. 
    I also made the changes to the ‘vowel issue’.  Good editorial work there TriXie!  Now if you can only run spell check on the GamerSpeaks!  Only 2 episodes left…

  2. Damn, I’m just like Mike.  Sitting here taking a shot of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, read the EA comment, and about sprayed my LCD with it!

  3. You beat "Zuma" for the 4th time?? They really need to come out with an update that has a versus mode, and they definately need to base a level on you in "Zuma 2".
    Oh, and I’m glad to hear we will be getting some new Xbox Ambassadors soon.  I just hope it is easier on you this time and you won’t have to be doing a lot of copy/paste with Excel.

  4. I still can’t get past the last Zuma stage!

    About the Ambassadors… I was one of the first to sign up, before your big push. I’m just curious whats happening. I’ve not heard anything since the Gold Weekend all that time ago!

    Obviously I still help where I can, as most of us do, but I was just wondering if there is more to it.

    x KIT x

  5. Before I dive into this Ambassador thing and tell everyone how great I claim to be, what are you looking for in an Ambassador?

  6. beat zuma 4 times? maybe time for another arcade game? : )Good news about recruiting new ambassadors. I have been one since the second wave and know that we have been helping a lot of the newer members. great stuff!

  7. How many times are you going to beat Zuma? You should try for a world record!Lol.
    Sent my application in, hope to get chosen!

  8. ok, TriX, I finally added your blog to mine.  Jeez, I need to update my blogroll.  There’s about 20 other peeps I need to add.  No wonder I don’t get invited to any parties 😦

  9. I am completely into some Xbox Ambassador action soon.Let us, the oldies, learn about the news too, please….*hugs*BM2 Love Angel

  10. You beat Zuma that many times? Congrats Trixie. I really suck at Live Arcade games. I leave XLA for my sister.
    Becoming an Xbox Ambassador would be interesting. Will you be picking your 300 any time soon? By the way, why 300? Is it like that new movie coming out soon: "300" (Spartans)?
    Well, I would really like to be one of them 😉

  11. Sweet New Ambassadors!! I have loved being an Ambassador, I have met and played with a lot of new members. 

  12. *sigh*

    Would be nice to get a response from one of you "community" people now and then… Acey deleted my post about’s UK version not being updated often. Ho hum

  13. Wow, Chris–I don’t think you need to ‘you people’ TriXie on this one.  In your comment, I don’t see a specific question other than:  "Obviously I still help where I can, as most of us do, but I was just wondering if there is more to it."  which is a statement and not a question.  If you put a question mark at the end of it, I think it would be a different story.
    Assuming you wanted a ‘?’ there, here is what I would believe to be the answer (even though I am not one of ‘those people’):  The Ambassador program is there to assist those new to Xbox Live.  Other than just being an all around good XBL citizen, there isn’t much there.  The big difference is that on you are listed as an available contact to help.  Just as during free weekends, the big holiday push for XBL will bring a multitude of new folks onto the service that may need your help.  Keep doing what you are doing and being a super ambassador for Xbox Live!  🙂

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