TriXie live on 360 Wired today

I’m going to be interviewed on 360 Wired this afternoon by my good friend KCDJ aka KCCHIEFS91.
I’ll be taking questions live (yikes!). Here’s the deal:

This Sunday Night 4:30pmpst 6:30pmct 7:30pmet on’s Live Xbox 360 Talkshow  "360 Wired Community Leader Trixie will be Live On the show. Discussing various topics such as the World Cyber Games, The Gamerchix Program , and more.

If you have any questions for Trixie call in and talk to her live here is how you do it.

How to Just listen:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Gaming Talk Show
  3. Click Listen to 360 Wired
  4. Then at the Show Start Time hit will have a stream button which will be orange on that page.
How To Chat or Call In.
  1. Go To
  2. Click on Gaming Talk Shows
  3. Listen To 360 Wired
  4. Signup for a account at the TalkShoe Website.
  5. At the start time sign in and Click the Purple Talk Button
  6. You will then be prompted to download the client.

1 Comment

  1. Good show!  It was cool to here about the Ambassador program.Did anyone else have problems with the audio?  Or was it just my cruudy hotel wireless?

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