words about words

The shockers:
  • Britney is divorcing Kevin! Surprising, since he is such a devoted husband and father. Not to mention a talented rapper and snappy dresser. Classic Family Guy moment: K-Fed looks into the mirror. "Mirror, mirror on the wall… How can I look like a douchebag today?"
  • Itagaki being sued for sexual harrassment. I am appalled. Itagaki-san has huge respect for women. Huge, bulbous, bouncy respect.

In other news:

  • Hello beautiful to new Madam Speaker Pelosi. Rock on, Nancy!
  • Buh-bye to the liver-spotted, war-mongering demon! Don’t let the door hit yer ass, Rummy!
  • Bad on me for thinking Viva Pinata came out Tuesday instead of tomorrow. I feel kinda guilty now for pimp-slapping that GameStop counterjockey when he wouldn’t pony up the pinatas.


9 thoughts on “Shocking News

  1. chloe says:

    I need my pinatas.

  2. Chloe says:

    and MSN/Spaces strikes again….I WANT MY PINATAS!!!

  3. P says:

    Man that whole thing with Itagaki is crazy. I hope that everything works out for him.
    By the way Trixie, did you start picking your 300 (Spartan) Ambasadors yet?

  4. Christa says:

    Yeah I’ve got some real good ones. I’m being more selective this time around. Anyone who doesn’t answer all the required questions is out. An Ambassador should be able to follow simple directions. I will be notifying the new Ambassadors in the next couple of weeks. New Ambassadors will get their forum icon after the first of the year… they’ve got to EARN it. mwa ha ha!

  5. Mike says:

    After I’m done with TriXieBot, I’m thinking about doing a K-Fed comic. I’ll probably call it ‘Sham-pag-nay in the trailer park’. We’ll see. I will say that his album is the funniest thing I have heard in years. Here is the opening line VERBATIM:"I’m a pirate on the seas, call me Captain Hook,Everything belong to me, every cranny and nook"See that? Hook/Nook? SKILLZ!!

  6. Brad says:

    Heh. K-Fed and Brittney broke up. My world is not crushed. My copy of Gears of War got delayed (apparently from all the flooding lately), so I was planning to pick up Viva Piñata at the same time. I’m mostly getting it because I’m not really aloud to play games like GOW in front of my 3 year old (She was a big fan of Kameo). I hope both games will be in now. Shame I can’t combine them, Piñatas of War sounds like it would be a pretty awesome game. I haven’t seen any reviews for Viva, but my kid liked those episodes I downloaded on Live. If I wanna make her laugh, all I gotta say is "Piñata-yata-yata".

  7. Kelly Rock says:

    "I feel kinda guilty now for pimp-slapping that GameStop counterjockey when he wouldn’t pony up the pinatas"That’s awesome, the picture where you are yelling a Major comes to mind.Love U Trix,K Rock

  8. GreenLantern4 says:

    Britney divorcing Kevin.  Wow.  I didn’t see that one coming….not. 
    I’m surprised they didn’t have a few copies of "Viva Pinatas" around the office. 

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