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I LOVE Viva Pinata! I played for 4 hours yesterday, took a short break to watch High Fidelity for the seventh time, then played another 4 hours. I think I’m a level 11 gardener, and I earn 8 achievements!
  • My worms are having babies like crazy, but I can’t get any other pinatas to get busy. Like my mousemellows…I built them a house, I put bluebell and daisy seeds right next to their house and they still wont’ do it! Stupid mice.
  • I sold my fudgehogs because they were jerks…just fighting with the other pinatas and eating them! Kitty told me if I’d fed them happy candy they wouldn’t act like a-holes, but it’s too late.
  • That helper that waters plants for me has a CREEPY smile.
  • I planted toadstools next to one of my ponds because I thought it would attact licktoads, but my pinatas ate them and got sick! So many were sick at the same time I couldn’t afford the doctor bill, so I took my little shovel and put them out of their misery. Candy for all!

I’m headed to LA tomorrow for one of the zune launch events: Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Roxy, w00t! I’m staying in the evil robo-hotel, but it’s only one night. I’ll be back on the 14th in time to get my zune! I can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Pinatas and zune

  1. Eric says:

    You be nice to the mousemallows!  They’re cool.  It’s not their fault you don’t take good care of them.

  2. SouthPaw says:

    Select the Pinata use direct and the select the seed. They will then go eat it. Remember to feed them love candy after the egg is delivered to keep them romantic. is a great place to get info.

  3. Eric says:

    Since the release of Viva Pinata, my daughter and I are now in battle for the 360. I also have to make important decisions, like whether to play VP or GOW after the kiddiewinks are asleep.

  4. Kevin says:

    I lost my Mousemallow to the Syrupents  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I can’t believe that this game has me more addicted than any other game I’ve played, but it’s just so darn fun.  I’m beginning to hate those Fudgehogs because they keep eating my Wirlms…  I just take my shovel to them now.

  5. Mike says:

    My kid is a little perplexed with playing it–after watching the cartoon, he expects the pinatas to talk and stuff. Either way, the game is fun–Any time I can hit something with a shovel, the fun factor goes up X10.

  6. Mark says:

    Top 5 break up movies of all time…
    High Fidelity is my yearly Valentines day tradition. It has been re-named John Cusack day. 
    Saw you online working on the Pinatas, send Major a destructive Pinata yet? 

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