Happy Birthday Xbox and Xbox Live!

Five years ago today the big black box was born. A year later Xbox Live launched.  Oh, how our little buckaroos have grown up! Check out some birthday messages and memories from the Xbox Community!
Have a slice of Xbox cake and break open a pinata! But, please, drink responsibly.


  1. Ah, the memories.  Late nights playing MotoGP, Whacked and NFL Live during the beta test until 4AM, then getting up at 6AM to go to work!  It’s been a great ride, TriXie, can’t wait for another 5 years!

  2. Posted at 5:55 AM?  Sounds like somebody has a script!  🙂
    It is funny how many things change in 5 years, yet remain the same.

  3. Happy B-day OG-Xbox!  I’m sorry i don’t pay much attention to you anymore and left you for a lighter and thinner model but I felt as many others have, that I had to move on.  You were just too one dimensional for me.  Sure you were into music and all but you never really liked the higher defined things in life.  We did have some good times though like the times I left you running while falling asleep playing Halo 2 all night.  (sorry, my bad).  And also the times when I carried you from lan party to lan party and you got to talk to all your friends.  You still hold a place in my heart and if there is ever a system I would ever go back to besides the Dreamcast, SNES, and N64, I would play you the most.  Happy B-day again.

  4. Holy crap that was awesome John. I think I’m going to forward that to the Xbox Team. 😉

  5. Holy crap that was awesome John. I think I’m going to forward that to the Xbox Team. 😉

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