Chili Peppers rock the Roxy

Here’s what happened at the show:
My tooth broke on a piece of gum
Someone(s) grabbed my ass
I got a contact high
the Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked my world!
Apparently Paris Hilton was there, but she must be scared of the ass-whipping I’ve threatened her with, so she stayed well clear of me.
The show was freaking amazing. Seriously. They are just a fierce, balls-out band. They made some jokes about Bill Gates and several remarks about a particular sexual practice (not involving Bill). They are just funktastic and the way John and Flea play together is wondrous to behold. It’s like Jimi Hendrix meets Bootsie Collins. I read a concert review in Blender that said their duet was uncomfortably homoerotic with all the face to face eye contact and rhythmic hip thrusting, but hey: rock and roll is the only really legit way for straight guys to get off on eachother. It’s all good!
Totally impressed by the Chili Peppers. Amazing energy, tight sound; it was crazy good!!!
PS sorry my pictures blow. I was squashed in the so-called VIP area. Me and my little notebook were crushed. Me and my little hiney were groped.


  1. Cleric–Awesome comment.
    2 things:
    1-I’ve seen the Peppers something like 6 times and ironically I’m not a big fan.  For some reason, they keep opening for bands I like (pearljam) or having great openers (STP).  How much running did Flea do?
    2-How the hell do you chip a tooth on gum?

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