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You have to imagine it with a French accent… like the Colbert Report. Say it with me now: The GadJAY Report.
Okay, good.
First off: zune. I promise I’ll shut up about it soon. Pretty soon. I have been having an awesome time downloading new music and trading songs and pics. First dammy squirted me some photos of us from last Halloween. I squirted "Ain’t That Peculiar" to Major, and he sent me back some pics of his dog Emerson (cutest pup in creation and does a kickass Family Feud trick). I love selecting the Community thingie and seeing who is in range of my wireless zune mojo.
I think what I love the most (besides the fact that it downloads 3 or 4 and sometimes even 5 songs at a time from zune marketplace) is that it encourages you to try new stuff. I’ve been having fun downloading whole albums previously unknown to me based on one song. Take for instance, the High Fidelity soundtrack. It caused me to download the Stiff Little Fingers and The Beta Band (who clearly are the fathers of Beck, whom I can no longer listen to due to his Cruisian affiliations). Also, I’ve been reliving the 90s…enjoying The Lemonheads and Lush (who I saw at the late lamented CBGB). I have also discovered that Too Much Joy is a terrible terrible band. How could I ever have liked them? I think the lead dude was cute or something.
My only zune disappointments thus far? Discovering I could not squirt "Little Bitty Pretty One" to dammy. No idea why…some Rights thing I suppose. Also I was really jonesing to hear "The Night Before" by the Beatles. iTunes has no Beatles catalog. So when I searched for the Beatles I was all stoked to see ALL of their albums come up. Then my buzz was killed when every one of them says Not Available. Boo.
Moving on from zune, today I got a MacBook. It is my birthday present to myself (yes, a month early…patience is not my thang). So far I am digging its shiny white goodness. My friend Surf Monkey loves his, but my friend K Rock has had nothing but trouble. It’s kinda hard getting used to Tiger having been about 5 years since I used a Mac, and the touchpad seems a little slow to respond. But it is a cool gadget. My purpose in getting this is to have a laptop with absolutely zero work connotations, because on this shiny white tabula rasa I plan to write a book.

11 thoughts on “The Gadget Report

  1. Christa says:

    That’s Russ. He’s the big boss of the art and ui teams for both xbox and zune.

  2. Rob02150 says:

    Thanks alot Trixie. I’ve always been trying to get you on my friends list but yours is full. If someone goes away don’t forget about me. :)By the way. Your cats are adorable.

  3. Rob02150 says:

    Thanks alot Trixie. I’ve always been trying to get you on my friends list but yours is full. If someone goes away don’t forget about me. :)By the way. Your cats are adorable.

  4. Mike says:

    I love Macs for the hardware, but I actually think Vista is a better OS  (Bring it on fanboys!).  Solution?  Vista on the MacBook!  YAY!
    If I don’t end up commenting again this week–have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Matthew says:

    I am (I guess you can say) living the 80s with the music I downloaded via the Zune Marketplace.
    Gotta get a zune now.

  6. Allyn says:

    Writing again TriX… go hard and good luck with that.

  7. Chloe says:


  8. Everett says:

    I think your the only person other than Balmer who has actualy used the term ‘squirt’ in relation to sending a song over the wifi.
    It is almost like you guys are going out of your way to make the Zune uncool. Ha-Ha!

  9. Debbie says:

    I got myself some Xmas present this week too. I needed it sooooo much. :-PHave fun with your goodies!*hugs*

  10. Sean says:

    Thanxs  Trixie for accepting me  as a Xbox Ambassador in the Europe region.
    Like the Cats….CUTE!

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