Happy Birthday, you sexy thing!

One year ago today, the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment console hit North America. I was in the Mojave Desert at Zero Hour getting into trouble, writing stories, and tattooing my gamertag on my ankle. Where were you?


  1. It’s cool to see a year go by and all the progress that’s been made.  The sad part is the last time I took a day off work (besides 2 sick days) was for the launch of the Xbox 360.  Oh well, since I waste all this time time at work reading blogs and being on forums I guess it evens out in the end.

  2. Well, I got mine at midnight, rushed home and played until about 3 or 4 in the morning, then went to sleep and work.  Got home from work that day, downloaded the Audioslave vid that was on the marketplace, and my 360 DIED on me!  Oh noes, the three red lights.  The wife came home and thought someone in the family had died from the look on my face, lol.  Luckily my EB had 3 pre orders that had not yet been picked up and I got it replaced immediately and it’s been pure gaming bliss since!  Happy birthday little buddy of mine!

  3. Trying to figure out how eight systems had managed to go walking the night before the launch, and then trying to stay awake after a 12 hour day, followed by 2.5 hours of sleep, followed by another 12 hour day…

  4. As my preorder didn’t make the cut, I waiting outside at Best Buy in Bellevue for 17 hours to get my 360. So, one year ago today I was very very very cold.

  5. I was at home being very, very jealous as we Australians weren’t getting the 360 until March.  :-(But then March came and it was all good!

  6. It was a dark and stormy night…seriously it was.  I drove to my local Target at around 12:00a.m. date of launch and there were only ten people ahead of me.  I was quickly greeted with some "was sups" and "yo man, you here for the 360?s’"  So I said "Is this the line for DS Lite?"  Kidding aside I sat down and that’s when it started to rain.  Freezing rain.  Luckily i only had to wait for six hours until a Target employee graced us with her presence and handed out tickets with pictures of Premium and Core packages.  There were 16 Premium and 16 Core.  I was number eleven.  It’s weird though.  The next few days I stilled played a ton of Halo2.  You know, Halo 2, the game people used to play on Xbox Live the most before Gears of War.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Xbox 360 and may you live past five.

  7. Waiting in line at Best Buy all night from 3pm until I htink it was 7am the next day.  We already had one 360 reserved at Gamestop, but I thought I would let my son have the experience of hanging out all night for a game system and then ditching school the next day to play it and I knew I was going to end up buying two eventually anyway.  Him and his friend hung around in line until curfew and then I came and joined them and we had a blast.  Someone had a big TV set up with movies.  Best Buy brought around snacks, free shirts and playing cards and there were people of all ages standing in line for all reasons.  Everyone was exchanigng gamertags.  it was a very memorable experience 🙂

  8. I was at home being very, very jealous as we Italians weren’t getting the 360 until December.  :-(But then December came and it was all good!
    Thanks Vellan 😀

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