The New Bond Rocks

I never thought I could love a blond, but Daniel Craig is perfect as the new James Bond. He’s rough and buff and dirty-hot. His lower lip is a revelation. He’s exactly the most dangerous and appealing kind of dude…a charming as*hole.

Oh yeah, the movie’s great too. Bond relys on his brains and brawn; not gadgetry. He makes mistakes. He loses his temper. He exasperates M.

Definitely go see this movie.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I totally agree with your assement on the new "Bond" movie!!!  Daniel Craig is totally "dirty-hot"!!  Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!!
     Tacni’s wife.

  2. Heck yea…it’s an amazing movie.   I was quite surprised at how much different Casino Royale and Die Another Day turned out to be (aside from the obvious actors).

  3. It’s great to hear a good review of this movie. I’ve been wanting to see it, and was thinking of sneaking away Sunday afternoon to catch it. Now that I’ve seen some positive word on it, I’ll definately have to. I managed to see Borat today. FOTFL.

  4. I didn’t get to see it today. 😦  I saw Happy Feet with the kiddies. The price of being a father. The benefits do outweigh the price, in my opinion. Besides, I bought a Wii this morning.

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