Highlights and Lowlights of 2006

Yeah, I know I’m a bit late in the year-end wrap-up department. It was just so overwhelming. I never got around to posting the Major Nelson and TriXie Christmas Playlist either, though we did finally agree that Dean Martin rocks the best version of "Baby It’s Cold Outside."
Highlights of the year:
  • The Blogger Bus!
  • Community Party at E3
  • Beating Zuma! (11 times)
  • Co-Founding GamerchiX with my girls Diva and Kitty
  • Seeing GamerchiX grow to 936 members in just over 6 months
  • GamerchiX winning Community/Team of the Year in GTR’s Xbox Live Community Awards
  • Xbox Ambassadors
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Roxy in LA
  • Colin Farrell’s home video
  • zune!
  • TriXiebot 720!
  • Viva Pinata!
  • Going to Italy twice! Once for PGR 3 tournament and once for World Cyber Games
  • Mini-vacations in San Diego and New York (not working! yay!)
  • Getting a million hits on this blog
Lowlights of the year:
  • Getting some dumb Messenger virus!
  • Windstorm ’06 knocking out power
  • My whirlm ‘cutie’ and lickatoad ‘hopper’ getting eaten! I don’t give them names anymore.
  • Getting thrashed on Majornelson.com for having an annoying voice
  • Breathing in gamerfunk for three days at PAX. (But PAX itself was awesome!)
  • That bad thing I did and got busted for
  • Xbox Holiday Party
  • "Winning" the Biggest Choke award for Xbox.com Field Day for a terrible water balloon toss which lost my team the event.
  • The baby that cried for 10 hours non-stop Amsterdam to Seattle
  • Coming back from Italy to find my power shut off because I forgot to pay the bill. D’oh
  • Leaving my DS in the seat pocket on a flight back from LA

So actually, the lowlights aren’t all that terrible. No death and destruction… I must be pretty lucky! Here’s to more good luck in 2007. Shake and Bake, baby!

Now that your hangover has abated; what were your highlights and lowlights?



  1. Highlights
    Becoming an Amassador, yeah!
    Getting my 360 made before 2006 fixed for free!
    Not having my job go to India!
    Refinancing the house to pay off EVERYTHING!
    Finally getting a kick ass boss at work!
    Our truck blowing it’s engine.
    UT getting beat by Ohio State, then the rest of the season going down the crapper.
    Finding a rat in the garage, ew!
    Having my significant other having to work Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and yesterday.
    Nothing to great or bad happened to my clan in ’06, hope ’07 is more eventful, on the good side of course!

  2. Glad to see 2 things I hooked up made the top 15!  🙂
    For me:
    –Finishing another year healthy with an awesome family I love dearly.
    –I’ve had my 360 since launch in 05, so my gaming highlight for 06 is getting into the DS.  Also, finally finding a system my wife will play (Animal Crossing and Phoenix Wright).
    –Watching the PS3 flounder so far. 
    –Switching jobs and going from bad to worse. 
    –Um.  Thats it.  If that is my only lowlight, I have it pretty good!

  3. You got busted? Ah, I missed that, gotta find out 😛
    – Quitting smoking… YAY!!
    – Finishing exams at university
    – Building 360Friendspot.com
    – Becaming a Community Developer AND XBL Ambassador.. woot
    – Braking up with my gf (mhmm)

    – Braking up with my gf (mhmm)
    – No new gf yet 😛
    Hey, not many lowlights there, I must have a nice life now that I think about it (but no gf)

  4. Its been an awesome year TriX! thanks for your hardwork 🙂 we really appreciate it.Highlights:graduating schoolgetting a job!starting marketing coursesmeeting Diva, Trixie , Kitty and all the great GamerchiXBecoming a part of GamerChiXmeeting alot of great people thru the interviews done by community shineZUNE!!!!ZUNE COMMUNITY!! the next best thing right after Xbox community for sureMeeting great people from the Xbox community lowlightsmean people in the community :(my new laptop’s screen cracking & having to deal with sony’s BS customer service.looking new earings on the 3rd day of owning them. costed by 85 bucks.missing E3 and PAX 😦

  5. Happy new year Trix!  Shouldn’t that be "Highlights and Lowlifes" ?
    MthdDirector highlights:
    E3 Blogger Bus
    Shadowrun Community Event
    Walkin’ the HD-DVD experience trailer at Universal Studios
    Sending off my super duper top secret project off to a rad company that shall remain nameless
    Paying the rent
    MthdDirector lowlights:
    oh why dwell on the negative!
    Driving the same old car
    Losing my Hair
    best wishes for everyone in ’07!

  6. Highlights:
    -Meeting Trixie at E3 for first time
    -E3 community party
    -Being an official Xbox blogger
    -Being invited to kick it with Peter Moore in Seattle
    -Awesome tour of Millenium Campus
    -Being first one in the world to have my XNA game running on 360! (Thanks Chuck!)
    -Being able to show off my game to the XNA Team. (Chris Satchel, you rock!)
    -Being invited to join H2O/PMS Clan. (Love you Amber & Amy!)
    -Making Rainbow Six Division leader for H2O
    -Leading H2O to our first pro win against the Fragdolls in IGN’s Play 4 Aces Competition
    -The money I got for winning! 😉
    -Switched colleges to the Art Institute Online so I can find a job and goto school.
    -Grandma only has a few months left. Dying of lung cancer. 😦
    -Wheelchair taking a crap thanks to NWA when I went to E3.
    My year was awesome! Hopefully I can keep it up! Most of my great year was all thanks to Trixie. *big hugs*

  7. Lowlights: Not meeting trixie                  Not knowing what trixie did bad                  Having to go to college (stopping playing xbox all day long)Highlights:  Listening to Trixie’s Voice on podcasts and the like(I am groveling)

  8. Highlights:
    XBOX 360
    getting my snowboard
    becoming an ambassador
    getting a laptop
    not becoming fat 🙂
    Almost breaking my wrist snowboarding 😦
    when my 360 broke
    not making the basketball team

  9. Dean Martin rocks the best version of "Baby It’s Cold Outside"
    Download ELF (movie soundtrack) and listen to Zooey Deschanel (Co-star from the movie) and Leon Redbone’s version.

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