The Worst Songs of All Time

Here are some songs that will never make it onto my zune…
Worst Songs
"Honey" – Bobby Goldsboro. If the 60’s were so groovy, how could this P.O.S. about a dead wife have hit #1 on the charts in 1968?
"Muskrat Love" – The Captain and Tenille. They HAD to be high when they decided to record this. "Singin’ and jinglin’ the jango." Huh?
"The Wind Beneath My Wings" – Bette Midler. This song makes me want to shoot someone. Someone named Bette Midler.
"All I Want to Do is Make Love to You" – Heart. So, this chick’s old man is shooting blanks, so she drives around in the rain and picks up a hitch-hiker to knock her up. Then she tried to make it all romantic and profound; garden and ocean metaphors abound. Just….barfy.
Song I’m supposed to love but I despise
"What a Wonderful World" – Louis Armstrong. This piece of crap is the soundtrack to too many sap-tastic schmaltzy movie moments.
Crap Song I Love
"Tie a Yellow Ribbon" – Tony Orlando. The whole damn bus was cheering! Yay!
What songs make you irrationally angry?


  1. Have to agree 110% with "What a Wonderful World," makes me want to blow junks all over.  "Tears from a Clown" makes me irrationally angry, and want to go to the circus and shoot clowns.

  2. Any song that involves rodents "doin’ it" (besides Viva Pinata) deserves to be noted as one of the worst songs ever.

  3. What a Wonderful is awesome.  It is right up there with Dock of the Bay…Sheesh…
    "Jinglin’ the jango"…Hippie speak for ‘Flogging the dolphin’?  ‘Playing the one handed trombone’?  Are any of these actually any better?
    Most hated song–the version of Shaft that the USA show Monk used as a commercial.  I used to watch a lot of Law and Order and they played that commercial over and over again.  ‘Whose the man that solves the crime when the cops don’t have the time?  MONK!’.  Horrible.  That and the Dora The Explorer theme song.  I hate that little girl.

  4. I know this is practically sacrilegious … but the song “Been Caught Stealing” by Janes Addiction just puts my nerves on edge every time I hear it.  But I may be the only one of my generation to think that.
    -kiki kat

  5. Hey, "Wind Beneath my Wings" may be schmaltzy crap, but it’s a goldmine in Karaoke Revolution :)Richard MtichellXbox 360 Fanboy

  6. Oh boi, this is like opening Pandora’s Box, but here goes:
    Chunk-blowing-veinIntheHeadPulsing- want-kick-anything-moving-song – Anything by Air Supply!  If I hear "All Out of Love" one more time I’m going to go all Gears of War on music stores everywhere!
    Most-overrated-oneHit-wonders-that-make-my-eyes-bleed – Anything by Bananarama.  Seriously, just the name makes me tense up.
    Most-sick-of-listening-to-artist – Beyonce.  Sorry, but without Jay-Z behind here (figuratively and literally) she would be one of a million women in music.
    Songs I’m embarrased to admit I like: "Keep on Loving You" by REO Speedwagon and "Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy
    Most-catchy-tune-that-you-want-to-hate, but can’t – tie here "Yellow Submarine" and "Puff the Magic Dragon"
    Other bands that make me want to pull my eyelashes out with my fingers:
    1. Wham
    2. INX
    3. My Chemical Romance (especially with this latest piece of garbage they recorded)
    Ahh, thank you, my therapy is done!

  7. Songs I really hate:
    24 Hours from Tolsa – the "I didn’t want to cheat on you honey, it was just that I couldn’t keep my dick in my pants for one more day" song.Somewhere Out There (The theme from An American Tail) – We had to sing that crap in choir, over and over and over.  Pretty Woman was *fine*, but that song was as fingernails down the blackboard of my soul.

  8. Barbie Girl, I touch myself, Ice Ice Baby….
    btw trixie those are songs I find irratating not my pick up line to you… 😉  P.S. Happy New Year!

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