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I’m supposed to be working on a deck for a big meeting tomorrow. Soooo instead I’m making useless lists. Warning: This is on the girly side, so only Love Angel and Kiki Kat may still be reading. Cheers, ladies!
In honor of Mr. Presley’s birthday today… (CRAP I forgot to wear my blue suede Steve Maddens!)
Favorite Elvis songs
That’s Alright Mama
Bossa Nova Baby
She’s Not You
Little Sister
Best Elvis moment EVAR
The 1968 Comeback Special. Elvis in black leather…it don’t get no hotter
Girly crap that I love and recommend
Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in Strawberry Fizz
Revlon nail polish in Vixen
Philosophy Body Souffle in Vanilla Birthday Cake (lads call this ‘lotion’)
Kenneth Cole Black for her (perfume)
Remington Pink Tourmaline ionic flatiron (it makes your hair straight, boys)
Fergie’s solo CD The Duchess. (I’ve listened to "London Bridge" 8 million times today and downloaded "Fergielicous" for my ringtone)
Whew! I feel so girly I think I’ll do my nails and watch Moulin Rouge!  Okay, XY’s, you can come back now. Here’s some other random stuff:
  • K4RN4GE sent me a message saying "you pwn at zuma"! I was so stoked. He is like the alpha and omega of Geometry Wars.
  • I finally beat Zuma in HD! That made my 12th and final win. You have my permission to mock me if you see me playing it again. It’s gonna be a long wait for Zuma 2, but I heard a rumor today that something is coming to Arcade to rock my world and make the wait less painful.
  • How come every time you come around my London London Bridge wanna go down? Huh? How come?

5 thoughts on “Randomocity: Power Point Procrastination

  1. James says:

    Mocking permission noted.  I saw you have Gears on your recently played games, ready for some co op on that new HDTV?  What model did you get?  I was going to get that el cheapo I put the link to in that post a couple weeks ago until I walked in the showroom and saw the Samsung 32".  Twice the price of what I was planning, and the wife was with me so I had to do some quick thinking.  "What’s that dear, you love that leather couch?"  Guess what we came home with, lol.

  2. MthdDirector says:

    You lost me at the "Remington Pink Tourmaline" – honestly, I was with you all the way until I read that & my brain did a backflip.
    Powerpoints are kind of silly.  It’s like a game of show and tell "now look at this."  The best part is the reveal…nothing more exciting than when you click the mouse and the next page shows up.  If it’s really good, then you’ve got everyone wondering "what’s on the next page?" and you just sit there with your finger over the mouse button…waiting.   Oh the torture.  🙂

  3. John says:

    When a woman wears Victoria’s Secret lip gloss, I get all shook up.

  4. Kiki says:

    Trixie…   if you like "Philosophy Body Souffle in Vanilla Birthday Cake"  you should totally check out Aqualina’s "pink Sugar" perfume.  It is my fave and it reminds me of a fruity Cotton Candy.  Totally girly but I get tons of compliments on it because it smells so yummy.
    New game..  Zuma 2?  no way..  we would have heard SOMETHING!  When are you going to tell me your secrets on how to get past level 12!!! 
    kiki kat

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