Make a date with your Xbox 360

Check out some of our cool Valentine’s Day stuff for! I especially love the art. Our design team is very talented. What can you find besides cool art?

What else? Ah, coming up soon is my list of Xbox 360 Hotties… including a video that my boss made me age-gate.



  1. Trixie you are such a goof!
    I have to admit.. when I started reading your anti-valentines-day-list I got this rush of girl power feelings and started looking around for a guy I could glare at.. but considering I am at work I held back and just thought about glaring at guys.
    Baird totally beats out Marcus.. OMG what were you thinking… he is like the total Abercrombie & Fitch studly futuristic solider like guy.  With that cute sarcastic humor and blonde hair you just want to run your fingers…  nevermind….
    And nice video! ..  you should have at least given Baird and honorable mention!
    ~ kiki kat

  2. My company gave me a Valentines gift by blocking your blog, TriXie!  It’s considered a "dating" site, and I can’t access it from work anymore!!!  Damn corporate beuracracy!

  3. Me there! Me there! Me there!!!Do I need to say that I loved all that pink? 😉 AWESOME! I have already blogged about it.[]sAngel

  4. Hahaha, that Hottie video you posted on was funny Trixie. You… are… funny. I like your style girl. Keep it up.  🙂
    On a side note: Will there ever come a time in which gaming with girls/ladies/women will not turn out into conversations gravitating towards "my controller is sticky" and so on? I find a little kinkyness fine sometimes, others, just too much. Anyway, thought I would let that out (something happen on a game the other nite… it turned obnoxious)(I guess relationship interacting should be a mandatory class in school…)

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